Drug overdose

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  • Prescription Drug Overdose Case Study

    Engaging the Community in Assessment and Decision Making: Prescription Drug Overdose In today’s world, many people are dying in the United States because of prescription drug overdoses. “Every 19 minutes, someone in the United States dies from an unintentional prescription drug overdose. One major contributing factor to the rise in such deaths is the increased use of opioid analgesics” (APHA, 2015). What is alarming is that even though these prescriptions were given for a medical reason, they ended up in the hands of people who abused them (CDC, 2013). Morbidity and mortality rates associated with prescription drugs are a vital public health matter, but the prices inflicted on the US economy are also significant. “A 2011 study estimated that,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Prescription Drug Overdoses

    Also according to the CDC in that same year there were 22,767 deaths due to prescription drug overdoses. Of these overdoses 16,235 were from opioid painkillers and 6,973 were benzodiazepines also known as sedative/muscle relaxants (cdc). Why is it that drunk driving fatalities seem to garner more attention nation wide that prescription drug overdoses do? You would think that the one with the higher death toll would attract more attention, would you not? Yet each year it seems that this tragic…

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  • Danielle Spisak's Unintentional Drug Overdose

    Center in Concord from a heroin overdose, her acquaintance failed to call 911 before fleeing the scene. That day Mrs. Spisak was pronounced dead. As these heroin related deaths continue to rise this is becoming a concern for failing to seek medical attention at the scene of an overdose. Spisak, 22, a resident of Concord was at her acquaintances home when she was lethally injected with heroin. She is survived by her parents, Jim and Lisa Spisak; brother Mike Spisak and sister Megan Spisak.…

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  • Overdose The Difference Between Drug Addiction And Substance Abuse

    In the United States individuals die every day due to heroin overdose. Heroin can be practically found anywhere nowadays, and the use and effects of it can cause serious consequence to a person’s health. Heroin is derived from morphine alkaloid which is found in opium and is approximately 2-3 times more potent (Drugs.com, 2015). Heroin in many cases is a white powdery substance. In other cases is has been seen as a black sticky substance known as “black tar heroin.” (National Institute on Drug…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Death Of My Father

    The most important thing to ever happen to me is without a doubt the death of my father. That moment in time has, and will, continue to shape my life until the day I die. A lot of people assume I miss him. I don 't. (How horrible does that sound?) It 's not that I don 't like him because I do, I just find it hard to miss someone I never had. I don 't know him, I don 't know if he has a middle name, I don 't know what he liked to do in his spare time, and I don 't even know when his birthday was.…

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  • Crime Scene Investigation

    Introduction Death investigation require strict adherence to guidelines. Investigations must search for clues to determine a death as natural, suicide, or homicide. The investigator is the eyes and ears of the forensic pathologist at the scene. The investigator must do their best to find answers for families who have lost loved ones. (A Guide to Death Scene Investigation. (n.d.) The Types of Murder When determining how the death occurred there are four modes- accidental, natural, suicide, and…

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  • Negligent Drug Overdose: Case Study

    Nysha Moore Negligent Drug Overdose 1. Describe the elements that the plaintiff’s attorney had to establish under the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur. Res ipsa loquitur is a legal doctrine that shifts the burden of proof in a negligence case from the plaintiff to the defendant (Pozgar & Santucci, 2015, p. 156, para. 12). The American translation is “the thing speaks for itself” (Pozgar & Santucci, 2015, p. 156, para. 12). Under the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur, the plaintiff must be able to…

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  • Naloxone Research Paper

    their lives (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2014). In 2014, drug overdoses became the leading cause of accidental death here in the United States, with 47,055 lethal drug overdoses, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). In 2014, as reported by ASAM, approximately 28,000 young teens had used heroin in the past year. It is estimated that 16,000 of those adolescents were current users of heroin. The ASAM states that four out of five new heroin users first started by…

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  • Opioid Overdose Prevention Act Essay

    Opioid Antidote and Overdose Prevention Act New Jersey Legislation Assembly No. 2082 Nicholas Faraldi 12/4/2014 Description of the Act and Sponsorship The Overdose Prevention Act was last amended January 14th of 2013. The act was created to protect witnesses to overdoses so they could help someone who is overdosing with immunity from any prosecution. The act also encourages the use of naloxone or other opioid blockers to healthcare professionals to prevent the deaths of opioid…

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  • Heroin Addiction Paper

    contingency management are effective when it comes to treating heroin addiction. A few institutions have specific programs for substance abusers. For example, the R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility, near San Diego. This medium security prison has program called, the Amity Prison Therapeutic Community (TC) program. According to Reichel, this program enrolls 200 men that have a history of drug abuse, demonstrate a willingness to participate in the program, have no history of child molestation or…

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