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  • My Mixing Process

    to not have a overly processed track this meant having fewer plug-ins and a more real sound. Below will highlight some of my main mixing processes. Drums Before mixing my drums together as one, I put EQ on all the track the aim was to cut out any frequencies I wouldn’t be needing and boost the ones I would. An example of this would be my bass drum. I cut out any sound above 250Hz as I wouldn’t be using this. I then boosted at around 100Hz because this is where I wanted the kick drum…

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  • Whiplash Film Analysis

    Chazelle depicts Andrew’s intensity through quick camera movements including dolly shots, tracking shots, quick panning that makes the viewer feel they are in the scene with him watching Andrew’s performance. The level of intensity in the cinematography reflects the pure devotion that Andrew has. Chazelle also gives us the audience’s perspective in the theatre showing how the audience’s focus is purely on Andrew. Most of the shots are close up or extreme close ups as the focus is on Andrew, the…

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  • Cadburys Advert Analysis

    length of 60 seconds. The commercial features a gorilla that appears to have a delightful and happy expression during the advert playing a famous drum solo “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. The commercial is shot in a recording studio with a purple background which reinforces the brand Cadbury throughout the advert. The selling tactic that is used is humorous because a gorilla playing a drum kit does not happen in reality. It is effective to the chocolate bar because it 's makes the…

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  • Dongson Drums Analysis

    Dongson Drums: A Snapshot of the Village Life in Bronze Age Vietnam Thesis Statement: Although many scholars believe that the feathered figures on the drums are depictions of ancestor figures, ethnographic evidences from the Karen’s use of the drum and the Toraja’s funeral rites suggest that the images engraved on the drums are mere portrayals of village life in Dongson. Located in the Hong (Red) River valley, the Dongson society is said to be highly dependent on water for agricultural purposes.…

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  • Controversy Of Bata Tribe

    origin. The purpose of the ceremony is to call upon Orishas, or deities using the drums. There are three drums that participate in the communication with the orishas during the ceremony. These three drums are Iya (mother), dedicated to the Orisha Yemaya, Itotele (father) dedicated to Oshun, and Okonkolo (baby) dedicated to the orisha Chango. Iya is the largest drum, followed by Itotele and finally Okonkolo is the smallest. Each of these drums are made sacred by going through a specific…

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  • Neo Soul Music Essay

    Questlove (mostly known as the drummer of The Roots) talked about how he recorded drums for D’ Angelo’s “Voodoo” album during an interview at Red Bull Music Academy. In the recording session, he was told to emulate D’ Angelo programming the drum without quantizing it, which then accidentally created a raw, dragging and uneven drumming style that fits D’ Angelo’s music perfectly. It is very impressive to see Questlove in the interview deliberately play every drum beat behind but still being able…

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  • Whip Clash Movie Analysis

    The movie Whiplash directed by Damien Chazelle is a heart-rending story about a young drummer and his endeavour to become one of the great Jazz drummers. The grind and determination of the story's nature instills itself well to the exploration of the forces behind motivation and how it influences human actions. Throughout the movie, Andrew has to sacrifice smaller, more basic needs in order to reach the level of drumming demanded by his conductor, Fletcher. Starting off slow with physical needs,…

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  • Kick Drum Research Paper

    To fully realize the creation of a tune, drums are normally implemented. With the introduction of electronic drumming and drum machine systems, acoustic drums are no longer present in much of mainstream music yet the drum kit will always be a mainstay of music and music recording. To garner clear and full drum audio, it requires a process that takes into account the room in which the drum instrument is being played. After the tuning of the drum instrument is complete, multiple microphones and…

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  • Narrative Essay About Chic Corea

    The first couple steps were bumpy, my trembling feet vibrated against the crackling floor. The door swung open as I went to knock. SCREEEEEECH! As I walked into the unfamiliar home, I became more aware of the man I was about to meet. As the stairs appear from the darkness, my path lit up ahead of me. The shaded man sat on his spinning stool. “Come in, come in.” The rumbling of the drums came to a stop. His heart and soul still played to the beat of the music, showed me the artist inside.…

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  • Essay On Drum Set

    the band. And without the Drum set these drummers would have never been. Jazz or Rock n Roll or Pop music wouldn’t be the same without the invention and evolution of the drum set. The drum set took over a century to become what it is today. The drum set is an American instrument and through its development it has reflected the way America has developed. The drum set has become the most visible and widely used percussion instrument and a very important instrument in countless genres of music…

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