Drug Enforcement Administration

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  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

    Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is a United States federal law enforcement agency under the United States Department of Justice. The Drug Enforcement Agency was established on July 1, 1973. This law enforcement is the leading enforcement for handling the biggest drug cases that the U.S has to give. Today, as we know it Cannabis is a common drug that is brought upon the Drug Enforcement Agency, but in a variety of cases Cannabis is to cure many, this is what we refer to as medical marijuana. The Drug Enforcement Agency doesn’t base their cases off of people who use it to be cured, only the ones that use it illegally and are distributing it to many others throughout the United States. The Drug…

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  • Touby V. United States Case Study

    Identification of the case: Touby v. United States, 500 U.S. 160 (1991). Facts: The Controlled Substance Act authorizes the Attorney General to add new drugs to five schedules of controlled substances. The act regulates or prohibits the manufacturing, distribution, and possession of these drugs. Due to the length of time required to come into compliance with these regulations, street dealers were able to alter the chemical makeup of their drugs which would closely mirror the effects of…

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  • Derek White Targete Case Study

    March 31, 2016 in Montreal, Canada, NASCAR driver Derek White was arrested for claims of being involved in a major tobacco smuggling ring. The police say that the car driver played a key role in the illegal operation that contributed in bringing more than 2000 tons of tobacco from North Carolina into Canada, which also not paying over $530 million dollars in taxes. The Canadian native is also involved with illegal drugs such as cocaine and other vulgar substances. The U.S Drug Enforcement…

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  • The Importance Of Food Regulation And Food Control In The UK

    HACCP is a food safety method used internationally, U.S. Food and Drug Administration defined HACC as a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product (FDA, 2015). In the FSMS, not only food safety regulation authorities, such as Food Standard Agency (FSA) and Department of Environmental…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Jermaine Lamarr Cole's Crooked Smile

    meanings, but the main message J Cole is trying to produce and the message perceived by myself and many others is to rethink the War on drugs and what it is doing to today’s society. This challenge…

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  • Kanye West New Slave Analysis

    with “New Slave”, particularly within American federal law enforcement and privatized corrections corporations such as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Correction Corporation of America (CCA), respectively. This political message is explicitly stated throughout the work, yet perhaps most powerfully in the lines, "Meanwhile the DEA / Teamed up with the CCA / They tryn'a lock niggas up / They tryn'a make new slaves / See that's that private owned prison / Get your piece today." Certain…

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  • Drugs In The 1970's

    societies have used drugs, such as ayahuasca, opium, and marijuana, for spiritual and medicinal purposes. Even in our own country during the, heroin was prescribed to treat respiratory illness and cocaine was consumed recreationally via Coca-Cola products. In relatively recent years, however, the American government enacted numerous policies targeting the sale, possession, and use of specific drugs. In 1915, The Harrison Narcotics act enforced a policy with restrictions on manufacturing and…

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  • Becoming A Dea Agent Essay

    The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is entrusted with monitoring the war on drugs under control around the nation. DEA agents are among the top law enforcement officials in the country. The task of a DEA agent is vital because they protect our public against drug smuggling and drug abuse in the United States. Several crucial aspects of becoming a Drug Enforcement Administration agent include education, skills, and training. A profession as a DEA operator accompanies some extraordinary…

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  • Mass Incarceration African Americans

    Mass incarceration also creates a social hierarchy with Blacks being at the bottom because of being labeled a drug addict/user and a criminal, which in Rawls’ perspective is an injustice because its placing certain individuals higher than others. Rawls would view the situation the same as he viewed distribution of wealth and income, except the moral inquiry would now be the distribution of a negative good which would be punishment among individuals pertaining particularly to certain racial…

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  • Pre-Marketing Process Paper

    Walgreens or CVS they probably do not realize how long it took to actually get the drug on the shelf or drug become available to be picked up at a local pharmacy. There is four phase to the FDA’s Approval Process: Pre-Clinical, Clinical, NDA Review, and Post Marketing. There are steps within all the phase that need to be completed before going to the next phase until a drug is made available to the public. During the Pre-Clinical phase there are three steps that have to be completed before…

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