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  • Narrative About Swimming

    “It’s the first day. How bad can it be?” I asked Amy as we walked into the pool area for the first time with our brand new goggles in hand. “They are not going to make us do anything too terrible since it is our very first day,” Amy replied with confidence. I thought she was probably right; all of the sports that I have ever been apart of have never scared me away within the first week, but this is swim and I knew nothing about swimming. We sat in the circle with all of the experienced swimmers and other newbies while our new coaches sat in the center. Mr. Page and Mrs. Marion looked at us and smiled as our information papers and swim caps were handed to us. “How’s it going? Are you ready to swim?” Mr. Page asked us with enthusiasm. We…

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  • The Introduction Of Virtual Reality (VR)

    phones are becoming much smarter and becoming much more compatible with various new inventions. One of these new and trending inventions is the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR). These Virtual Reality goggles are one of the newest and fastest up-and-comers in the technology world, resulting in the affording costs, theme parks, and the new VR goggles for phones. “It appears that in 1860s, as artists began to create three-dimensional, panoramic murals. Today’s VR is more high-tech and is…

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  • Tangerine Character Analysis

    Tangerine is a book written by Edward Bloor. The characters have many choices to make, which each have a very strong impact on one another. In this book, Paul meets many different people, some being nice to him and some being rather mean. Paul is almost completely blind, and has to wear goggles in order to see. He decides to be on a soccer team at his school, Lake Windsor Middle. He than has to move to Tangerine middle school and join a different soccer team. His many experiences in this book…

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  • Importance Of Swimming And Eye Essay

    suffering from the harmful effects of the pool water chemicals. While wearing goggles every time you swim is the best possible protective measure, rinsing your eyes with fresh water while showering after a swim session is an essential way of removing traces of chlorine deposited around the eyelids and lashes. If you have particularly sensitive eyes, consider using the lubricating eye drops available out there. These drops offer immediate relief in the short run and work towards restoring the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Good Eye And Matty Boy

    Not being able to play baseball was unimaginable. Therefore my parents decided to have sports goggles made for me. These were not your ordinary goggles, these were specially made with magnification to accommodate for the loss of binocular vision. Heading into the fall season that year, I was filled with excitement, thinking these goggles were really going to work. I entered the dugout only to have my entire team laughing at my sports goggles. And to make the situation worse, I struck out three…

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  • Comparing A Chemica Experiment 2-Votive Candle

    Light the Bunsen Burner and then use the tongs to put the magnesium ribbon into the flame. Do not look at the ignited flame because the intensity of the flame could burn the retina in the eyes. Then you pull the magnesium ribbon out of the flame. 2 Mg(s) + O2(g) = 2MgO(s) Experiment 2- Wear goggles and apron at all times. Light the candle with the matches. Put the water into a bowl. Wait for 60 seconds and then blow out the candle. Pour the candle wax into the bowl of water. Experiment 3- Wear…

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  • Spinoffs: The Use Of Space Spinoffs

    There are many space spinoffs that are used in Earth and are now used in space in many ways. These space spinoffs can be used in many ways to help astronauts in space. Some of these space spinoffs can include materials used for braces, bicyclist helmet, fire-resistant clothing, ski goggles and many more. These space spinoffs can economically and socially are important to astronauts in many ways. For example, the materials used in braces can help scientist create materials such as antennas for…

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  • The Physical And Mental Benefits Of Swimming

    Why should swimmers wear swimming caps and goggles in a pool? Swim caps are used mainly to keep the swimmers hair dry and protected; it also helps protect the hair from the chlorine in the water. Wearing a swim cap can reduce long strands of hair floating in the pool resulting in the hair getting stuck in swimming pool equipment. Swimming goggles protect the eyes from chlorine and if there are any bacteria in the water, it will protect your eye from getting an eye infection such as pink eye.…

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  • The Raven's Home Analysis

    Let’s Bend The Rules, Baxter Style! A Look Inside ‘Raven’s Home’ Episode 8 Breaking the rules on school property is illegal. Try telling that to the Baxter-Grayson kids and Tess in Episode 8 of Raven’s Home. When Booker and Levi want virtual reality goggles, they try to mooch from their mothers. When that doesn’t work, they decide to break the rules and sell snacks at school. Meanwhile, Raven helps Chelsea break the cycle of making excuses for her ex-husband, Garrett. The Future Is Now…Or Not…

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  • Personal Narrative: Crashing On My Dirt Bike

    Crashing On my Dirt Bike Today was going to be another day of dirt biking. I was all ready to leave the house and I was just waiting for my dad to load his dirt bike and mine into the back of his truck. I had my new riding gloves on and was ready to get going. I heard my dad coming back inside when I heard the sliding glass door open. “Time to go!” my dad yelled. I raced to get my water bottle, and then back out the door. My dad already had his truck running so soon we were on the road. It…

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