The Introduction Of Virtual Reality (VR)

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Technology has advanced tremendously within the last decade. Cell phones are becoming much smarter and becoming much more compatible with various new inventions. One of these new and trending inventions is the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR). These Virtual Reality goggles are one of the newest and fastest up-and-comers in the technology world, resulting in the affording costs, theme parks, and the new VR goggles for phones.
“It appears that in 1860s, as artists began to create three-dimensional, panoramic murals. Today’s VR is more high-tech and is perhaps best known for its use in the gaming world.” (History of Virtual Reality, 2016) Virtual Reality is becoming very popular due to its affordable and very compatible models. Many of the prices ranges from about $20 to over $1000 and are compatible with iPhones and Samsung phones as early as the 4th generation iPhone and the 5th generation galaxy phones according to amazon. With these affordable prices, it becomes much more appealing to those skeptical about spending money and tedious and non-essential objects. It becomes much easier for people to make the decision to try this new technology out. Once customers try Virtual Reality the curiosity for the most expensive and advanced models becomes much greater causing more and more of them to be sold. The advertising for Virtual Reality goggles catch their attention and bring a huge customer base. The
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There are many reasons to give for the new invention of the Virtual Reality. The authors have aimed to share insights and lessons which will be useful to a new field, in a new industry. Some of this may seem daunting. Expecting that in another year’s time, even more producers will have tackled the medium; hoping some of them will have read our work and found it

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