The Importance Of Visual Perception In The Film

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Film is a huge industry in our daily world. We are constantly looking forward to the next big film coming out, or relishing in classic flicks, such as for me Dirty Dancing. We base our holidays off movies such as Christmas everyone watching Elf, but let’s be real that movie is great year around. What makes a film so intriguing, that we can’t take our eyes off the screen? A good plot, good actors, but also the special effects, can really define a movie’s greatness. “The art of visual effects is the art of what you get away with, which means you really have to study a lot about how we perceive the world in order to find out how we can trick our perceptions to make something look real when it isn’t (NOVA).” Visual perception is extremely important aspect into the film industry. Researcher of visual perception V.S Ramachandran is incredibly versed in the complicated art that is visual processing. The brain is very complex. When we view something, our brains are very actively going through a great deal of processing. I am not talking about making sense of what you just laid your eyes on, or trying to comprehend the movie you’re watching, I …show more content…
They can affect visual perception because they are key factors to the way the eye and brain read the scene. Our brain automatically senses a miscommunication between sunlight and shadows they cast if they are incorrect. And this can ultimately ruin the visual effect. This ties into the Power of Assumption, which is the brains way of solving uncertainties. We assume things every day, and have built- in assumptions. Such as in the Wizard of Oz, the house used in the twister scene is only three feet tall but we assume the house is big because we know houses are big. So, this goes with how we assume sunlight should cast shadows on the Earth, and how we can distinctly detect when a shadow is off, because of the power of

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