Blackfish Film Techniques

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In a notorious documentary directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, stories of remarkable yet highly viscous orca whales are recognized. In this film, Blackfish, former SeaWorld trainers and employees are interviewed in order to discover and expose the truth about the astounding conditions and treatment of these well cherished killer whales. While held in captivity, the orca whales exemplify horrific and shocking behavior, that would not otherwise exist in the wild. Blackfish thoroughly illustrates why holding these beloved and majestic animals in captivity is not only detrimental to the whales themselves but also to the people around them. While using high emotional appeals, sound and music effects, and slick editing,
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Video clips of people on boats hunting the whales in the ocean are shown and explained by former diver, John Crowe who was apart of this cruel act. The viewer is left heartbroken as several disturbing images fill the screen. "We were only after the little ones" he explains when videos of bombs are thrown out into the water in order to heard the whales. John Crowe chokes back tears as he states that this was the worst thing that he had ever done. After being torn from their families and placed in holding tanks with other foreign orcas, aggression between these whales is imminent. By featuring pictures of teeth rakes covering the orcas bodies and blood dripping into the water, the audience is filled with remorse for the suffering orcas. This is all followed by multiple videos of attacks on trainers and several deaths caused out of frustration. In another attempt to obtain the viewers sorrow, images and facts of how highly intelligent and developed these animals are is perceived in order to relate the viewer to these marvelous creatures. By explaining how complex their emotional level is and how devoted they are to their families, a connection is made and we are able to relate ourselves to them. By having such a big emotional appeal in multiple different ways, Gabriela really captures the heart of those

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