Examples Of Ethos, Logos And Pathos In The Movie 'Blackfish'

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Is it an Immeasurable Lie
“Blackfish” the truth comes out. At Sea World animals are being abused, and the truth withheld from the public. In the movie “Blackfish” the whole truth comes out about how Sea World lied about whales and the death of trainers. Using ethos, logos and pathos the movie tells the whole truth. The truth that Sea World would not release to the public, but instead lied about just about every situation there was, that involved a whale or a trainer.

To begin with, in the movie “Blackfish” ethos is, used to show what employees and witnesses were led to believe, but later realized that it was not the truth. Before the movie came out Sea World was more on the trusted side of places that hold animals in captivity. Now that the
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For example, when a law states that it has to be months before a trainer can even get in to a pool. Sea World, had the brand, new trainers in the pool the same day as the first day on the job. Logos also helped to prove Sea World being guilty of multifarious things, such as, the mistreatment if whales, also, the death of trainers. The reason being that the information of the deaths and mistreatment of whales is because an OSHA, employee spoke out of the tragic wrongdoing of Sea World. Another, reason why logos supported what was wrong with Sea World, is by showing that there is no record of whales killing, nor hurting people when out in the wild. One last reason that logos help prove what Sea World has been and abide to do wrong is when in court about the killing of a trainer, there is no files about the case, as if it never happened. Also, whenever Sea World has its representative the subject in always change to get the idea off the main …show more content…
It is not just the words that play a role in pathos, it is the words, the music, and even the photos, that play a role in changing the opinion of any person who has or will watch the movie “Blackfish.” An example, that the movie used to change the opinion of a person is by playing a recording of one calling 911 to inform everyone that there had been an attack. The reason that the call was a pathos is the person that called was exorbitantly terrified. Once again, an example of a pathos, is when a trainer and a whale appears to have a bond that cannot be broken. Due to the fact that the trainer and the whale love one another it shows that the trainer actually thought that they had a bond, and it was not just because the trainer gave the whale food. One last way pathos helped the wrongdoing of Sea World is by showing that out in the wild if one animal gets stranded all of the other do the same, because it has been proven that whales have an extra part of the brain then humans do, it is just for emotions, and that part makes it so no whale can be left behind. Also, when Sea World would go out to an ocean to take a baby whale, the other whales would not let the people trying to take it through, because a whale does not leave its mother, it stays with the mother for life and that goes on form generation to generation.

Thus, all

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