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  • Edward Muybridge: Evolution Of Photography

    This man is a legend when it comes to special effects. The things he did for that film will be looked at as a masterpiece forever. Most people don't realize that movie came out in 1939. That's almost 80 years ago. To be able to produce those kinds of special effects that long ago really takes a master at his craft. He has a very successful career in special effects and rightfully so. Special effects have really grown since those kind of movies. Now everything can be done digitally. We live in the digital world where the possibilities are endless. These creators are able to come up with the most realistic things ever imaginable. Using computers, special effects designers can produce effects that really rival real life and put the audience to the test. Two movies that I grew up on were Flubber and the first two Jurassic Park movies. I am not joking. I would go to my grandmother's house almost every day and those were like the only movies she had on VHS. Those kinds of movies are prime examples of just how far the special effects have come. The entirety of both movies are purely done digitally. There is no little gelatin figure that bounces and dances around. It's all done digitally. There are no 75 foot dinosaurs to put on set. It needs to be done digitally. Digital special effects not only make movies much more realistic but it allows the possibilities to be endless. Someone could make a movie about…

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  • Dirty Dancing: Movie Analysis

    off movies such as Christmas everyone watching Elf, but let’s be real that movie is great year around. What makes a film so intriguing, that we can’t take our eyes off the screen? A good plot, good actors, but also the special effects, can really define a movie’s greatness. “The art of visual effects is the art of what you get away with, which means you really have to study a lot about how we perceive the world in order to find out how we can trick our perceptions to make something look real…

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  • La Mafia Trailer Analysis

    audience, as it utilises the violence/action genre. To attract this specified target audience we have used various effects, techniques and made choices affecting things ranging from visual effects to the smallest details. Some examples of these techniques are our choice of camera shot types, length, angles in addition to the special effects used. Many other techniques used to attract our audience are the colour choice, voice over, title cards, pace and music choice. One of the main aims of our…

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  • King Kong Film Comparison

    improve the visual and narrative dynamism. Filmmaker began to set out to improve the editing of films, camera movement, special effects and other photographic qualities of the images being presented. When comparing the film technology of the 30’s to the 2000’s you would notice a dramatic yet brilliant change in the way technology has evolved. As the stories were running in cycles, modern technology was evolving each decade. Computer-generated imagery (CGI) had been newly improved and Dolby…

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  • Special Effects In Horror Film Analysis

    Effectiveness of special effects in horror Special effects have been around for quite some time now, and they have been used in many different ways. In horror, special effects serve various purposes. Special effects in horror can show all the blood, gore, and disgusting things shown, it can be a transformation scene, or sometimes simply effects done with a camera and no other outside work. These effects add entertainment and understanding to the workings of the story. It adds to the story, but…

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  • What's The Effect Of An Unseen Disability On A Student?

    What is the Effect of an Unseen Disability on a Student? One of my favorite quotes is from Einstein where he states, “but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. Similarly, an unseen disability can make a student feel like that fish in that the student is often asked to perform tasks in such a way that is not within their ability. Unquestionably, a physical impairment is obvious and noticeable, while an unseen…

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  • What Are The Negative Effects Of Special Education

    When I think about children with special needs, I think of unique individuals who are different in their own way. They want to feel like any other child and need someone who understands what they child need. Someone who is patient, nurturing, joyful, someone who is dedicated to their job, they need someone who will take the time to make sure they get the best care. Information on the history of early childhood Throughout history educators have come to discover that children learn in several…

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  • Negative Effects Of Abortion

    abortion has always been a very controversial topic. While both sides have benefits, they also may affect many people, especially the mother and child. There are both many positive and negative effects to abortion when it involves the mother. The negatives outweigh the positives, unfortunately. While on the positive side, the mother will not have to care for the child and may be able to carry on with their life, however, that child was ripped from life. If a mother has been raped, she should…

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  • Identity In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    way a person responds to the negative effects of society, truly shapes their identity. In The Things They Carried by Tim O’brien, the characters’ circumstances forged them an identity. Fighting in a war, changes your outlook on life completely, and this has a major impact on your identity. In the novel, O’brien discusses how being in a war affected his identity. “ Sometimes I forgive myself, other…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Forest Fragmentation

    impact the surrounding ecosystems in a negative way. This can be referred to as forest fragmentation. Forest fragmentation negatively affects the forests connectivity and function. Fragmentation caused by mine reclamation is said to be “two-sided because both the effect that natural habitat has on the restored area, and the effect the restored area has on natural habitat.” (Craig et al. 2015) It is known “edge effects increase with increasing contrast between habitats forming the edge with…

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