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  • Situational Comedies Film Analysis

    Situational Comedies, or more frequently referred to by their portmanteau, Sitcoms, are largely a product of the minstrelsy's formula for success. After thinking on the topic of stereotypes as a means of entertaining people in theater, I can easily think of many shows that utilize this style of humor to create their characters. In the TV Series "Taxi" Danny DeVito plays exactly what you would imagine of a New York small business owner, he's rude, arrogant, self-centered, but despite all of this, his character is hard to hate. Some of the rest of cast there's the dumb military man, the janitor with a screw loose, the confident snarky New Yorker. Jumping forward a decade to the 90's, the show "Friends" debuts Lisa Kudrow's famous character Phoebe, the ditsy blonde that was nominated for Emmy Awards 6 years in a row. While the series may be more than 20 years old at this point, the fact that it still airs speaks a lot to its success.…

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  • Screwball Comedy Analysis

    Screwball is a comedy film that became exclusive during the Great Depression. This film brought laughs and joy to those who watched it, at the time of the Great Depression. Screwball originated in the 1930s and became very popular in the early 1940s. During the time of the Great Depression the demand for social films skyrocketed. Screwball was a form of comedy that allow for victims of the Great Depression to escape from that troubling time. This form of comedy made it safe to discuss things…

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  • Essay On Screwball Comedy

    The Screwball Comedy Journey Screwball comedy movies crazy, zany, rapid fire dialogue movies. This type of comedy usually centered around a couple (male and female) in which the female dominates and humiliates the male character. A combination of slapstick comedy, battle of the sexes love story, and someone being wronged. The films usually had sexual undertone. Of screwball comedy era I will provide a brief history of screwball comedy films and compare two movies of the top ten movies of that…

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  • The Hangover Movie Analysis

    can build up a house of cards and then blow it down, but it takes a genius to make people laugh.” In comedy, the only characteristic shared between comedies is their want to make people laugh, and it can be difficult to pull off such a seemingly simple task. As defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary, Category: A class or division of people or things regarded as having particular shared characteristics. Comedy itself falls into a category as a class of things regarded as having a…

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  • It Happened One Night Film Analysis

    Capra’s 1934 film. The film explores the idea of relationships formed around the concept of class all while set in the Great Depression. The Production Code idealized American for the sake of the upkeep of morality according to those in favor of censorship. In Capra’s film ideal America cracks with screwball humor, pointing out the absurdity of grown adults behaving in such a restrained manner. It Happened One Night is a classic screwball comedy; however, Capra goes one step further with a film…

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  • Comedy Is Australia's Second Nature

    “Oh what humour” “Comedy is Australia’s second nature” By Ainya Have you ever heard the saying, Comedy is Australia’s second nature. Well it’s true. Comedy is what Australia lives for. It’s how, we as a nation, survived the war, the great depression and every other terrible thing that has tried to conquer Australia? As American journalist Hugh Sidey once said “A sense of humour is needed armour. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a…

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  • The Romantic Comedy Genre In It Happened One Night

    One of the significant values of genre in film is that genre, as Dr. Casper has noted, is used to “sugarcoat the pill” of challenges in human life, and the romantic comedy genre follows this value (Casper, 260). Comedy, as a whole, reveals the “fragmentation of man” in a digestible, enjoyable manner for audiences. Romantic comedies, specifically, reveal the fragmentation of each partner in a relationship and the fragmentation of the relationship. Throughout the history of film, romantic comedies…

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  • Slapstick Comedy: Slapstick

    The most basic feature will always involve falling and tripping. An example of this is in in the film ‘Easy Street’ where he drops to the bottom of the stairs, as if the human body represented an object or machine, and as if the body was made of wood or rubber. Chaplin hardly showed the injuries or effect from these imitated falls. Slapstick falls were seen as temporary loss of control and a sign absent-mindedness, and that humans act or be treated like non-humans, but was seen as a sense of…

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  • Humorists: A Satirical Analysis

    Comedy is seen and enjoyed by many all around the world, claiming its place as a staple of human culture. Comedy has but one rule: it must be funny. Other than this, humorists can take any and all liberties to fundamentally change the affect of their art; resulting in a wide array of comedic styles. The “comedy” umbrella somehow shelters the slapstick fun of Laurel and Hardy, the deadpan observations of Steven Wright and the surrealism of Monty Python. These comedians, along with all of their…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie City Lights

    The movie City Lights was not officially a silent film because it had the sound effects, but if it just went with being a talkie it would have been completely different and in my opinion not for the better. Back then they had the option of choosing whether or not to be a color film or a black and white film. But they still decided to go with what they did for a reason. The comedy in the movie would not have been the type of comedy if it had been a talkie. Plus talkies are not the type of movies…

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