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  • Office Romance Analysis

    Beauty of Beast: An Analysis about the Romance at the Workplace Looking for someone to be your lover? Looking for someone in common who has the same interest and experience as you do? Looking for someone who gets used to your working and living schedule? Looking for someone to date that perfectly matches you? It seems that the answer is your workmate or colleague. Commonness of Office Romance Office romance refers to consensual, mutually desired relationship that includes physical attraction between two employees working in the same organization (Watkins, Smith, and Aquino 173). More specifically, compared to other romances, office romance is characterized by desiring to be with other person with emotional and physical attraction at the workplace.…

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  • Human Relationships With God In The Sacred Romance

    The loudest voice echoes and vibrates of its surrounding, but the still small voice is a calling to the heart. After I read The Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge, my understanding of human relationships with God was fundamentally altered. Humans were created to be in love with God, it is humanity’s nature that people turn their back on God. In this act of rebellion people are wounded in a concept explained by arrows. These arrows are shot from the enemy, who utilizes arrow to…

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  • The Tragic Romance In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is often hailed as the greatest literary example of romantic tragedy, but the aspect of tragedy became obscured over time through a variety of popular culture iterations of the play. Now, the play represents a generally accepted model for the ideal romance, so much so that the artist Taylor Swift wrote a song titled “Love Story” that rewrites the plot of Romeo and Juliet to conclude with a happy ending. This essay attempts to address how Shakespeare’s Romeo and…

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  • The Importance Of Cover Art In Romance Literature

    specific book. The cover art of a romance novel is essentially what attracts the consumer to pick it up and look through it. Even though some romance novels are formulaic, the cover art is expected to make the book stand out while also sending the message of which genre it is a part of. The demand for romance novels is rapidly growing as different genres are created in order to cater the specific needs of certain audiences. Romance novels range from Harlequins to Gothics, Chick Lit to Romantica;…

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  • Romance, Bravery, And Social Class In A Knight's Tale

    The three themes that jumped out at me in “A Knight's Tale” were the themes of romance, bravery, and social class. William and Jocelyn represent of the theme of romance. From the moment William saw Jocelyn he was enticed. When he first talked to her, she didn’t tell him her name. From that point on he made it his goal to have her tell him her name. Over the course of the movie he finds out that she is interested in a man named “Adhemar”. William’s villain in the movie that is planning to ask…

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  • Definition Essay: What Does Romance Means To Me

    Romance is a term with a plethora of meanings depending on the person you ask. Technically, romance means an emotional attachment or involvement between two people. This essay will reflect how I view romance and my idea of romance is not just about gestures but the actual feeling behind those gestures. In my essay I want to show you what romance means to me. Some people don’t believe that romance exists at all, and then you have people who believe in fairytale romances. One term a lot of people…

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  • Analysis Of F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Sweet Embrace Of Romance

    The Sweet Embrace of Romance As F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, "There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice." This is considered one of the most romantic quotes in literary history, but what exactly is this romantic love that Fitzgerald speaks of? Romance can be commonly defined as a medieval tale based off legend, chivalric love and adventure, or the supernatural or a love story. These may be a few of the first thoughts a person will have when they heard the term…

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  • The Theme Of Love In The Arthurian Romance: The Knight Of The Cart

    Love Heals All Wounds Love. Nowadays, it is such a trivial word, so quickly and easily thrown around. “I love this” and “I love you,” being said within days or weeks of meeting someone. There is little to no weight behind the word now. Love came in many forms in the past. It meant being willing to give up everything, your body and honor included, for your beloved. Even if that beloved belongs to someone else. That is what happens in The Arthurian Romance, “The Knight of the Cart.” Lancelot, a…

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  • Summary: The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms

    Word of Hua Tuo’s achievements in science and medicine would go on to become popular theme in East Asian literature and art, particularly in Japan. Kuniyoshi, a disciple of the Utagawa school, and one of the most renowned Ukiyo-e printmakers during the time of the Edo period illustrates the scene of Hua Tuo treating the shoulder wound of the famous Han general Guan Yu while conscious- a popular scene in in Luo Guanzhong’s 1522 novel, ‘The Romance of the Three Kingdoms’. The novel is considered…

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  • Office Romance

    The Trouble with Office Romance As seen in both Straight Man by Richard Russo and Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher, office romances never end well. They lead to emotionally vulnerability, office competition, and an inability to separate home from work. Gender bias makes it more common for women to be judged in office relationships. Just as the affairs of church as state are kept separately, romance and work should be too. Office romances should be forbidden so there’s never a conflict…

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