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  • Pros And Cons Of The Libertarian Party

    interesting foreign policy of “Non-intervention”. A lot people regard the libertarian party an alternative to the republican party where one is fiscally conservative while at the same following democratic beliefs such as legalizing gay marriage, legalizing drugs etc. With regards to the ongoing election where a large majority of voters are stuck to choose between the lesser of the two evils the libertarian part saw a huge increase in their party membership. As of today the libertarian party has Over 400 members holding various positions nationwide In any given election year, the Libertarian party has more candidates than the remaining other third parties. In 1988 libertarian parties most influential member was a Presidential nominee Ron Paul is now a Republican Congressman from Texas. In 2008, former Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) and former US Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK) both switched to the LP and campaigned for the party 's Presidential nomination -- and Barr won the nomination and As the Libertarian party nominee, Barr had ballot status in 45 states and captured 525,000 votes (4th place - 0.4%).More recently the most famous figure with whom a majority of people associate the party with is former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, he was the Libertarian party Presidential nominee in 2012, had ballot status in 48 states, and scored the highest vote total in the party 's history: 1,276,000 (3rd place - 1%).He is also contesting as a presidential candidate 2016 presidential…

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  • Summary: End The Fed By Ron Paul

    1. Summary of End the Fed “End the Fed” by Ron Paul argues how the federal reserve (Fed) is detrimental to the economy and the nation. Although, the Fed claims that its role is to keep inflation in control, implement a solvent banking system, regulate financial system and also keeps the business cycle in steady state, Ron Paul disagrees on the above mentioned points and argues that the Fed has ironically created more problems than resolving them. By drawing examples from American history,…

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  • The Hero, S Journey In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

    Draco, has been sorted there. Plus, his new friend Ron told him, “Every wizard who went bad went to Slytherin.” The Sorting Hat listens to Harry when he decides he wants to be sorted into Gryffindor with his new friends. At this ceremony of sorting, the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, tells all the students that they are not to go up to the third floor because it is off limits. Harry builds a good relationship with the headmaster and Dumbledore becomes the “wise old man” of Harry’s…

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  • Sakuntala And The Little Mermaid Comparison

    different types of writing. Some genres include love and comedy. This story was written by Kalidasa, and was an original. In the story love at first sight could only happen to many people and it just so happen to Sakantala but because of her stubbornness she caused the cursing of her beloved man, Dusyanta. The curse is to let her love of her life forget about her until he unites back with his ring he gave her. The ring she was given was lost and found by a fisherman. This story is the one that…

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  • The Journey Of Chris Mccandless: Alex Supertramp

    wild, because he wanted to isolate himself from the lies his parents kept, making his life seem like it was all a lie. Despite Chris’s real intention to find himself and return home as a whole new person, his attitude and actions brought him to isolate himself from affectionate friends and also from his beloved sister Carine whom he shared a close bond with. Chris intentionally avoided anything that might have led to “settling down.” This is seen most evidently in his relationship with Ron…

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  • Rituals And Beliefs In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

    is brought into the world with the cards against him; being raised by extended family who despise him because of jealousy and narrow minded thoughts that stems from his aunt, limited opportunities, and living in an environment designed to demoralize a child (cabin under the stairs). However Harry finally gets introduced to the wizard world, immediately embraces who he is and attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Potter undergoes through the first stage of van Gennep’s rites of…

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  • The Theme Of Friendship In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

    intrigue and adventure. Three specific friendships define the novel and are developed through the characters: Harry Potter, an abandoned young orphan; Ron Weasley, an adventure bound young man; and Hermione Granger, a studious and clever young woman. Throughout the friendship, each of the three portray their own individualized strengths: Harry…

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  • Chris Mccandless, The Hero In Into The Wild, By Sean Penn

    His actions, ideas, and beliefs of family had a direct impact on the Jan, Rainey, Ron, and his own family. In the beginning of the movie Christopher renames himself Alexander Supertramp, abandoning his “right” name, to free himself from even the origin of his family. He meets Ron France, an older gentleman who lost his family to a drunk driver when he was off at war. Chris’ idea of freedom for Ron was to leave his workshop and explore life outside of his home. Chris believed he needed to…

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  • The Magic Of Figurative Language In Harry Potter By J. K. Rowling

    The Magic of Figurative Language The Harry Potter series of books, written by J.K. Rowling, dominates the best seller lists since it was published on June 26, 1997. The tale follows a young orphan who lives with a very mean aunt, uncle, and cousin, before finding out that he’s the most famous young wizard in the world. Swept from his dismal existence of teasing, chores, and bullying, he finds himself plunged into a fantasy world of friendship, magic, and adventure, at a boarding school for…

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  • Ron Weasley Character Analysis

    Throughout a coming of age journey, the hero usually possesses several unique and valuable qualities, such as courage and curiosity. However, these qualities aren’t enough to face the final battle. Harry’s travelling companion possesses specific qualities that are essential for Harry’s journey to adulthood. One of Harry’s travelling companions is Ron Weasley. When Harry is first introduced him, he immediately feels more comfortable being himself. This may because Ron is in the similar situation…

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