Pros And Cons Of The Libertarian Party

In the United States of America when people talk about politics only two major parties come to mind, the republicans or the democrats. People usually think that if one does not like taxes, then they tend to associate with the Republicans, if they want more social programs they associate themselves with the Democrats. One fact that people always seem to forget is that the United States of America is not a two party state and that there are several other parties out there with which the people can associate themselves with depending upon their personal preferences on how a country should be run or what policies they would like to see implemented. There are several reasons why the two major parties dominate the political landscape. One of the …show more content…
555). And was officially formed on December 11, 1971, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Libertarians have a unique stand on their policies and at the same time their policies are broad enough to get the public support, they are not the traditional left or right, but they have a unique stand where they are for total individual liberties like pro-drug legalization, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-home schooling, pro-gun rights, etc. And at the same time there are for total economic freedom like anti-welfare, anti-government regulation of business, anti-minimum wage, anti-income tax, pro-free trade etc. Their ideology can be summed up to “more freedom, less government and lower taxes. “They also have a very interesting foreign policy of “Non-intervention”. A lot people regard the libertarian party an alternative to the republican party where one is fiscally conservative while at the same following democratic beliefs such as legalizing gay marriage, legalizing drugs etc. With regards to the ongoing election where a large majority of voters are stuck to choose between the lesser of the two evils the libertarian part saw a huge increase in their party

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