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  • The Bilingual Education Act Of 1968

    Introduction The Bilingual Education Act of 1968 arose out of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. For the first time, the federal government would be funding school districts that had linguistic minorities with Limited English Proficiency. Those students would have access to programs that would help them gain English-language proficiency. A little over a decade later, however, a backlash began. Critics claimed students would be better off in mainstream classes where they would learn English more quickly. Since then, states such as Arizona, California, and Massachusetts have passed propositions legislating English-only immersion programs. The Bilingual Education Act expired in 2002. In its place, we have the English Language Acquisition…

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  • Monolingual Ideology In Bilingual Education

    help to understand the monolingual ideology’s effect on bilinguals. Through both examining the policy and education in the United States, the underlying monolingual ideology can be examined through the use of examples of uses of multiple languages and only English to portray the perception society has of bilinguals and the arguments for monolingual acts, legislations, and the English Only Movement which will give evidence for bilingual education demonstrating the basis for the monolingual…

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  • Bilingual Education

    Bilingual Education Is Detrimental to American Society. As America rises to be an extremely multicultural nation, it is inferred that as a nation, educating immigrants in the english language is beneficial, however accustoming to various languages is destructive to the standard tongue used. Bilingual education has been a major aspect in the history of the American education system. However, bilingual education has become a less used term due to the disloyalty it brought over the course of…

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  • Bilingual Education Improvement

    Bilingual Education Improvement The Acts have vastly improved bilingual education over the years. The current programs available to culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students are numerous and are found throughout the U.S. The fact that educating CLD students has historically been a hot button issue so much that it is part of the political arena. Bilingual education has become a controversial issue tied up with immigration policies, government funding, and political parties. Therefore,…

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  • The Benefits Of Bilingual Education

    Bilingual education has been a controversial topic in the United States for decades. There has been debate among parents, teachers, school staff, lawmakers, and simply the people living in the United States. There are many different opinions on what should be done to address bilingual education. There are several program models that fit under bilingual education, so it is not as cut and dry as some people may think. Many laws have been created both for and against bilingual education over the…

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  • Effective Bilingual Education

    Module Response 6: Effectiveness of Bilingual Education 1. Based on the reading by Baker and Gomez, Freeman & Freeman, and the evidence provided in the research cited, and considering your understanding of how bilingual education works and what makes it most effective in teaching language, content, and literacy skills to English Learners, what specific factors do you believe have made bilingual education programs most effective? Name and discuss a minimum of three factors. What specific factors…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Bilingual Education

    Education is important in today’s society. Today, with an increase in immigrant children coming to this country it has come to the attention of many whether there should be classes spoken in their language or not. Education is incredibly important, and every child deserves to have an equal learning field. With that, children who do not speak English should be put in classes where their language is spoken to help them get through an already difficult transition; school. Success in this country…

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  • Bilingual Education Class Reflection

    I have learned many things in this class. While there were many things I learned in this class, four specific things that really impacted me are Bilingual education, culture, religion, and white privilege. I believe that with the knowledge I gained in this class, I can become a well-rounded and fully informed teacher when it comes to being aware of cultural diversity in the classroom. As mentioned before, one of the things that I learned was the impact of bilingual education in the…

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  • Bilingual Education Vs Bilingual Education

    Education is one of the most important aspect of our life, Cambridge University Press(2016) suggests the definition of education is the method of acquiring knowledge and distributing information, especially in study environment such as high school, university. For example, lecturer will distribute knowledge to the university students while having a lecture and other example will be tutor are having a tutorial with students that seek for help , both lecturers and tutors are distributing…

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  • Bilingual Education Argumentative Essay

    Bilingual education in the United States today is becoming more prevalent as there are thousands of different types of bilingual programs being implemented in elementary schools. The people who are pro bilingual education say it is beneficial for children with the cognitive and psychological benefits it provides; however, there is also a group of people who are completely opposed to bilingual education and think that it’s detrimental because children might stay in the program longer than they…

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