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  • Monolingual Ideology In Bilingual Education

    Research on the social factors related to bilingualism help to understand the monolingual ideology’s effect on bilinguals. Through both examining the policy and education in the United States, the underlying monolingual ideology can be examined through the use of examples of uses of multiple languages and only English to portray the perception society has of bilinguals and the arguments for monolingual acts, legislations, and the English Only Movement which will give evidence for bilingual education demonstrating the basis for the monolingual ideology. Finally, I will tie in the research with factors of social and political status and the use of languages in education in today’s culture of political change to show the underlying monolingual ideology in…

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  • Misrepresentation Of Muslims

    way is very influential and offensive to Muslim Americans. In other television shows such as the very popular fictional drama Homeland where Brody the main character who was captured and tortured in Afghanistan. When Brody returned he announced his Islamic faith, which resulted in hate towards him and then was assigned a CIA officer to look after him in case he was a threat or a spy. In this particular scenario it shows how extreme and stereotypical television shows can be, it also shows that…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Immigration By Amy Tan

    at the language struggles those of immigrant backgrounds face on a daily basis. The audience would be able to have a better understanding of linguistic terrorism, something that many immigrants face. Though linguistic terrorism is not as prominent in modern times as it has been in the past, it is something that is still an issue today. Readers would have an easier time understanding and being patient with those who we consider to be speaking broken English. In having a better understanding of…

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  • North American Culture Analysis

    populations have inhabited North America’s vast landscape for millions of years. These peoples have their own unique cultures and identities. Fundamentally, it is understood that Native cultures have not occurred in a vacuum and are constantly being changed, integrated, and created. However, when attempting to learn about the numerous Native populations that have and continue to inhabit North America, the shear volume of information becomes hard to process. Scholars of Native North America have…

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  • Vanishing Voices By Russel G. Rymers

    The English language has and will continue to be the unifier of worldwide linguistic diversity. As a result of its globalization and its relative status symbol, the spread of the English language has facilitated the decline of several smaller languages such as those discussed in Russel G. Rymer’s article “Vanishing Voices”. Containing what is arguably the densest concentration of English speakers, the United States population speaks the language with a distinct vocabulary and accent. The form…

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  • Sapir Whorf Hypothesis Essay

    attack from followers of Noam Chomsky in the following decades, the hypothesis is now believed by most linguists only in the weak sense that language can have some small effect on thought. Sapir–Whorf hypothesis is also known as theory of linguistic relativity, linguistic relativism, linguistic determinism, Whorfian hypothesis, Whorfianism. It used to have a strong version that claims that language determines thought and that linguistic categories limit and determine cognitive categories. The…

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  • Code Switching In America

    The origin of America was based on immigration that created diversity in language, which today continues to increase. America, a melting Pot, a diversity of language and culture is somewhere where the technic of code switching is essential in life and to advance in the social latter. Even though everyone in America cannot speak Standard English because of that language barrier, they should not be looked down upon by the American society because there is not really a “correct” way of speaking.…

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  • Korean-American Narrative Analysis

    illustrated on how both narratives distinguish themselves from others in terms of being a foreigner. Roberts summarizes Hyun’s ambiguous position in both Korean and German societies, “ In Korea, he is a foreigner legally, In Germany, he is a foreigner emotionally.” (Roberts, 29) And Roberts also adds another fact to explain why the second generation of Korean-Germans are forceful to identify themselves as Koreans, “The sort of hyphenated identity that Asians in the United States have, as in…

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  • Racism In John Storey's Cultural Theory And Popular Culture

    the idea that because America is promoting and encouraging immigrants to understand our culture and language as the dominant one, it is then “unmarking” white from the list of ethnicities, and creating this illogical standard that our culture is superior. This is wrong in that it completely contradicts what it means to be human. Storey makes the claim that “…there is just one ‘race’, the human race” (175). Regardless of skin tone, country of origin, or preferred language, we are all equally and…

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  • Franz Boas And Boasian Anthropology: The Father Of American Anthropology

    of what makes us human” (2016). Unsurprisingly, there are many ways in which anthropologists have attempted to do so and have broken anthropology into four subfields; Archeology, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, and Linguistic Anthropology. The father of American anthropology, Franz Boas, introduced this four-field tradition through the amassing of holistic data collection through fieldwork expeditions. Although, each field has deepened our understanding of what makes us human,…

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