Vanishing Voices Essay

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The English language has and will continue to be the unifier of worldwide linguistic diversity. As a result of its globalization and its relative status symbol, the spread of the English language has facilitated the decline of several smaller languages such as those discussed in Russel G. Rymer’s article “Vanishing Voices”. Containing what is arguably the densest concentration of English speakers, the United States population speaks the language with a distinct vocabulary and accent. The form of English spoken by the United States population is merely a dialect, tangentially developing with the language as a whole. A study of the dialect would highlight an array of diverse factors and provide several lenses that could be taken to analyze the …show more content…
When the colonists arrived to the New World, it can be supported that the evolution of their language was a conscious effort to separate themselves from England, thus readily implementing new vocabulary and linguistic customs. Several scholars disagree with this notion; in a study published by the University of West Georgia, linguists insist that it was the British dialect that changed, as the American dialect has retained older varieties of English speech that have disappeared in British English. Similarly, one could analyze the extent to which the British dialect changed as a result immigration in England and launch a similar investigation into ethnic influence on dialect. Another drawback to studying the etymology of the English vocabulary and the American dialect is the notion that several words of foreign origin were already English words as a result of the various conquests of history. Words of Arabic origin, such as geometry or algebra, were already implemented into the English vocabulary as a result of the Moorish occupation of Spain and the subsequent interaction between Spain and other world

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