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  • Creative Writing: Yoongi's Hangover

    The brown haired man moved back a few feet from the couch, turning to lean against the armrest of the seat, looking down at Yoongi. Releasing a stifled yawn, Yoongi was met with a stinging pain in his lip and cheek as he moved his facial muscles. Wincing, he raised a hand to the center of the pain, remembering that a cut in his cheek and lip were still present. "I tried to bandage them, but you were thrashing around half of the time." Yoongi looked up to Jimin, who was moving around the side of the couch to grab the four materials left of the floor, plus an additional water bottle. "Sit up," he commanded, and Yoongi narrowed his eyes before doing as told. Jimin's hands reached for the washcloth, grabbing the fabric before pouring traces of alcohol onto it. Releasing a quiet sigh in preparation for what was about to come, Yoongi turned his lacerated cheek towards Jimin, who grabbed the man's jaw with one hand to pull him lower, using his other hand to press the washcloth into the pale flesh of his cheek…

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  • Dress Code Essay

    The notion that someone’s personal attire can disrupt someone else’s concentration in a learning environment is foolish to even consider. One dresses to fit ones personality, to boost ones confidence, and to make oneself feel original, not to be the top of their class. Material things such as clothes, piercing, and unnatural hair will only continue to cause a distraction when a teacher calls someone out for it being out of dress code. The distraction is not the dress code policy, it is the…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Pain

    heads upstairs to talk to my older siblings. I pour in some water and watch, expecting it to start dripping immediately. When nothing happens for about three to five minutes, I decide that I should probably add more water. I reach over and open the lid with my left arm. Bad choice. Boiling water and steam come bursting forth like an erupting volcano, engulfing me in a hug. In a rush of action I am in my parent’s room. Faith and Joy are there. As Joy pours a pitcher of ice cubes into the tub,…

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  • Why Memory Is Important

    mind and maintain positivity. Being an optimistic person helps in difficult situations, because you see the cup of water half full; you know? Try to see if the situation has a bright side as well as the dark side. It helps set an example for my younger sibling, to basically be an optimistic person. First kisses are meant to be special. Well at least to at least have to almost half of the population in the world they’re meant to be. First kisses are about the chemistry you have with that other…

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  • Essay On Group Observation

    I push the boy down and start sucking and dragging my tongue down his next and chest until I get to his nice hard cock. I slowly take it into my mouth as she positioned herself over his face and slowly moving herself down to his mouth. I look up while his dick is in my mouth and I see him licking and sucking her little clit. After some time sucking him, I pull her closer to me and push her down in doggy position. I slowly move inch by inch until I am all the way inside of her. I start thrusting…

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  • Wonho: A Short Story

    grabbed your head to guide you up and down at his preferred pace and you moaned, sending vibrations through his body and for a while you relinquished control to him. As he guided your head back up, you let your teeth drag gently up his member and he moaned. He attempted to push your head down again, but you resisted and instead decided to focus on the head as you pumped him. His moans grew louder and his breathing became more shallow as he neared climax, he roughly pulled you away and up his…

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  • Essay On Piercings

    this was the first time my parents have ever grounded anyone. This reaction that society has on piercings is strange but is slowly being accepted. Looking back on the history of piercings and what they mean to other cultures makes me appreciate piercings even more. Throughout history and culture piercings have had many different meanings. For some piercings show wealth, higher status, religious purposes, and is believed to help medically. My nose piercing is an example of this. Nose piercings…

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  • Write An Essay Of A Short Story

    would sometimes be sitting on the crisp green grass, and if I was lucky enough I would get to see a rabbit in my mom’s warm colored flowers. I lived in a small neighborhood where the honking of cars and the chattering of people failed to disturb our quiet niche. Looking out towards the road I checked to see if anyone was still around. However, the streets were quiet. Most of the people, including my mom, had already left to the hustle and bustle of town. Meanwhile, the quiet of the neighborhood…

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  • Narrative Essay About Family Love

    the show the couple sat on the couch and watch a chick flick together. She looked at me and smile showing all her pretty teeth. Her smile was so big it made me smile with her. She starts to shove me with her fist and I shove her back. After a few seconds of aggressively shoving we start to wrestle rolling around on the floor. Knocking the stuff off my mom coffee table down, we stop in mid-motion to see if anything was broken or damaged. She looks at me with her beautiful eyes and laughs. She…

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  • Should Dermal Fillers Be Allowed To Get Informed Consent?

    The purpose of this informed consent form is to provide written information regarding the risks, benefits and alternatives of the procedure named above. This material serves as a supplement to the discussion you have with your doctor/healthcare provider. It is important that you fully understand this information, so please read this document thoroughly. If you have any questions regarding the procedure, ask your doctor/healthcare professional prior to signing the consent form. THE TREATMENT…

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