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  • Essay On Gum Graft

    What is Gum Graft Surgery? What is a gum graft and why might one be needed? The initial thought of having a gum graft performed can be enough to cause some stress. However, worry not, if you need a gum graft, it is a simple procedure performed in your dentist’s office. In all honesty, it sounds worse than it actually is. If you need to have a gum graft performed, or are considering one, clearing the air of what it actually is and why it is needed may help alleviate some of your fears. A gum…

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  • Rebellious Teens

    How do families cope with teens during “rebellious” years? Many parents when they have a new born enjoy them. Then all of a sudden, hear other parents talk about the “terrible twos”. How hard it is having their children run all over the place being curious about everything. But that’s one of the stages they should enjoy their babies more. Connect with them as much as possible. Then on the other hand you have parents who have teens worrying what their teenagers are up to? Why are they doing the…

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  • There Is A Garden In Her Face Analysis

    metaphors and symbols, they also had a mass amount differences in the theme of their poems. In “There is a Garden in her Face” the poet had an extreme amount of adoration for this young woman, from her heavenly face of paradise, to her red cherry ripe lips. Campion also feels like her voice and her laugh was absolutely lovely, because in line 8, he says “Which when her lovely laughter shows”, but although Shakespeare love to hear his mistress speak, he feels that music has a more pleasing sound,…

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  • Why Are Tattoos Considered Unprofessional Essay

    Tattoos: An Act of Self Expression not Evil Why are tattoos considered unprofessional, and why is this still an issue in the workplace? Tattoos and piercings have become less of a problem in the recent years, but the problem is still there and honestly, it shouldn't have been seen as one in the first place. 1 in 5 Americans have tattoos, that's 14% of the American population and all together 45 million people with tattoos, many that are facing prejudice in the workplace(Statistic). I’m…

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  • Punk Subculture

    Images include skulls, demons, the logo of the band Misfits and a punk woman. Source: Wojcik (1995). Tattoos and piercings were widely embraced forms of body modifications by punks that transgressed conventional notions about proper appearance of the body. Punks prided themselves on the handmade quality of their body art, rejecting mainstream tattooing parlours believing…

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  • Marlboro Cigarette Ad Analysis

    advertisement. Her short curled hair, red lips and fingernails and delicate features were what women aspired to have. Her chin is tilted upwards as if she is looking up at someone, possibly awaiting a kiss or staring off deep into thought. Her delicate, manicured fingers hold the cigarette with grace as she looks up into the distance. Her features appear slightly blurred, adding to her already feminine appearance. There is even a short phrase “Ivory Tips protect the lips.” On the contrary from…

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  • Descriptive Essay Of A Homeless Person

    all the man feels is the accumulation of perspiration around his temples. The man in the neighboring balcony smokes. He had moved in a few weeks ago, and that’s all anyone seems to know about him. On some days, he is a rather cynical character of piercing stares, loud sneers, and cigarette smoke sputtering out of his mouth when he scoffs. On others, he’s the elegant, aristocratic gentleman coming back from late night invitations; gold watch, custom Italian suit, easy gait, smooth elevator…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

    As the world revolves there are so many changes happening by the second, minute, month, year, and decade. These changes can be of such things as the development of cites and their upcoming, the change in music, and the famous ones we look up to. Have you ever just sat down and thought about everything on a social level of our society and how much everything has changed? Half if not most of the things we do now and days a lot of our grandparents or even parents would frown upon us compared to how…

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  • Importance Of Tattoos In The Business World

    Why? Many Businesses see tattoos as an ‘unprofessional appearance, and usually have a policy against them. Tattoos are a self representation through art. It is a self expression, and it is something personal. Why should a business get in the way of my personal life choices? I have decided to interview my mother, my boyfriend, and my manager; all who have worked in professional environment, to see what their point of view is on tattoos in the work place. I first interviewed my mother, who has…

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  • Hernan Cortes Summary

    The interaction between the explorers from Western Europe and the indigenous people of North and South America was shaped by the different cultures and beliefs that each come from. Over the course of several hundreds of years, many different explorers from Western Europe made the voyage to the Americas. Whether they were exploring the different bodies of land in the search of riches, or conquering the indigenous people that resided there, the attitudes of the men that traveled there were shaped…

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