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  • On Monsieur's Departure Analysis

    cheeks are rosy and her skin is white. He mentions pleasant fruits, particularly cherries which he describes her red lips and her white teeth. Her lips are cherry red. They enclose a double row of pearls (her teeth). When she laughs, he sees these pearls contrasted with her lips. The poet goes into describing that the woman is so beautiful that she is "threatening with piercing frowns to kill" she isn't actually going to kill the man with her frowns, but it says that if the woman does frown…

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  • Marital Relationships In The Story Of An Hour

    to get as close to her sister as she can by “kneeling before the closed door with her lips to the keyhole”. Josephine begs her to open the door, afraid she will make herself sick. When Louise finally opens the door, the reader is left to wonder if there was any dialog between Josephine and Louise or what Josephine may have thought about Louise’s newfound happiness. The next scene describes Josephine’s “piercing cry” as Brently Mallard enters “the front door with a latchkey”. The style leaves…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Mental Illness

    of the rooms in the psychiatric ward of some hospital. I was covered in bandages all over my body (even my face and my head), and pain ran through my whole body-my back, my stomach, my neck-every single place. It felt like a countless needle was piercing my body. That kind of pain. I understood that I had some awful injury, but I couldn’t figure out why I was in that kind of place. At that time, it was a wonder-well more strange. Soon, a doctor came in my room and took charge of me. He said his…

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  • Creative Writing: Stouffer's Lasagna

    dance with me when I 'm wearing this?" She asks her open hand gesturing to her simple half sleeved navy shirt and jeans, her usual work clothes for Happy Valley Preschool where she was a student teacher. His eyes travel over her body slowly, his lips curling upwards obviously liking what he see 's "I think you 're the most beautiful girl I 've ever met.." He says as he finally meets her eyes again after his slow perusal. Her cheeks turn a bright red and she can 't help but laugh "You 're a…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On My Pursuer

    I hear the sound of clinks grow as my pursuer closes the distance. I can feel the piercing blue eyes bore into my back. As the sound of the clinking grows, I catch a glimpse of leopard fur in my peripheral vision. Nails dig in to my back and the leopard fur engulfs me as I turn to face my pursuer. When I am released, I am face to face with my grandmother, Mema, looking the same as I have always remembered. Janice Grattidge is a commanding presence that rarely goes unnoticed. Wig askew, a…

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  • Gender Roles In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

    Suddenly the sister cries out a piercing cry and alas Mrs. Mallard has dropped dead. In the end, the doctors said she had died of heart disease, but wrongly classifies the death as ‘of the joy that kills.’ Men in that period assumed that females look forward to this life of their assigned…

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  • Importance Of Dress Code For Teachers

    a dress code promotes a positive example to the students and shows unity amongst the teaching staff. As all of the teachers come dressed in modest, clean clothing and their hair is appropriately groomed and they aren’t covered with tattoo’s and piercings, new role models will emerge for the students in the classroom, at school dances, and at after school activities. Additionally, as the teachers adhere to a dress code, students will perceive a unity amongst the teaching staff, which will in…

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  • Asha Piercing: A Short Story

    Asha Piercing had began to hate looking at her mother's house. It was a pearl white house surrounded by a big golden-wired fence, and enormously musculus pool;inside and out. It had a yard you would die for, because weeds never grew, yet the flowers in the yard were always healthy and bright. There were gardens of lily's plotted perfectly all around the walls. And the arching trees in the front made a normal walk to her mother's front door a dream. No one exactly knew when it was built or…

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  • Timid Person Analysis

    A thunderous exclamation is more pronounced than a timid chime. When there is a thunderstorm, the rumbling vibrations echoing the skies is usually more petrifying than the clashing lights filling the clouds. When a mother scolds a child, the way her voice fumes and heightens make the hair of a child’s arms rise. When a person is terrorized by another, it is not the expression of a livid face that ceases the occurrence, but the sound of a voice that wants to be heard. A craven characteristic can…

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  • Arthur Boy's Descriptive Essay-Personal Narrative

    Despondency The bitterly cold air is blasting into my face and the rain is clattering down onto my skin like thousands of bullets being shot at once. As Arthur and I dash through Deauville Avenue, goose bumps start racing on my limbs. My plump lips are turning blue like an afternoon sky. Inelegantly, I fall through the doors of a petite boutique determined to find something to keep me snug and warm. I catch a glimpse of a sleek, smooth, silky scarf. Flabbergasted, I stand in awe…Wow!…

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