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  • Music Video Analysis

    Introduction: My report will include a timeline detailing the development of music videos, a full explanation of the different purposes of music video, a brief overview of the accepted styles and conventions within music videos and I will also examine 3 very different music videos with a comprehensive explanation on each. Timeline of music videos: In 1894, the first example of illustrated songs were made, 'Little Lost Child' was created by Edward B. Marks and Joseph W. Stern. The sheet music sold more than two million copies as it was the first ever illustrated song, an early version of music videos. It was created by combining a numerous amount of images using a stereopticon to show a narrative while it was being sung. The first attempt went…

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  • Composing Music In Video Games

    friends have gotten from playing this music has inspired me to want to compose music. This experience highlights that composing music brings many people joy, helps, and inspires them. As a music composer, one could compose for animation, video games, or movies, to have fun composing while affecting humanity. One profession that involves composing music is an animation score writer. All types of music has its style and rules, and animation scores are no different. Musical scores for animation…

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  • A Music Video Analysis

    Music has always played a big role in my life. Having been a dancer since the age of three I have come to appreciate and interpret many styles of music. As a dancer, I am able to use the music in a way that tells a story and portrays a certain emotion. Music much like dance is both an art form while still being able to fall into everyday life. I would define music as an expression of one 's emotions summed up in a two minute composition. I can definitely say I have personally had an aesthetic…

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  • Partition Music Video Analysis

    In the Partition music video the females are seen dancing sexually in front of a male figure. This portrays that the females are seen as sexual objects to the male and they are there for the males to admire for their own pleasure. This could influence females to believe that if you’re in a relationship, it is the female's job to please the male and be there as a sexual object for them to admire. This could also influence females to believe that this is the way you need to act and portray…

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  • Gender Roles In Music Videos

    Thigh gaps, long legs, flawless skin, silky hair, seductive, submissive, the picture of ideal femininity is constantly portrayed in music videos and is quite difficult to obtain in real life. The majority of women cannot meet the standards that are set by the music industry. Some may argue that there are plenty of successful female artists who are not sexually exploited in music videos, however, most of these successful artists do not meet the physical ideals that society establishes. For…

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  • The Negative Impacts Of Values Across Pop Culture

    Values Across Pop Culture Have you ever watched a movie or an episode of TV? Have you seen how society values other people and their objects? It is just straight up trash how we treat people nowadays. What about music? Have you actually listened to what the singer is saying? It is all putting negative images in the listeners head. Possibly one of the most negative affects of social networking or media is that it causes the users to get addicted. A value is a general idea that certain types of…

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  • Kpop Women

    The first impression one would usually get after watching K-pop music videos that it feels very commercial. Commercial not in the sense that is a profitable business, which indeed it is. In fact, Hallyu, also known as K-pop is becoming one of South Korea’s largest exports (Leong). Therefore, there is a national effort to maintain this profitable brand. First, it is important to understand that K-pop is not just lyrics and melody, it is also about the beautiful people who perform these lyrics.…

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  • Drunk In Love Video Analysis

    way is in music videos. In order to attract attention, video producers will create extremely risque content. Beyonce, who is know as the queen of pop, displays sexual content, and gender stereotypes in the music video for her song ‘Drunk in Love’. It takes place on a beach at night where she walks through the sand wearing a very skimpy bikini with a see-through dress over it. She poses for the camera as it scans up and down her body, and in these scenes her face is either shadowed or covered by…

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  • Women In Music

    Props or People: A Women’s Place in Music Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. –Plato Music shapes who we are as an individual as well as a society, however, within the last several decades there has been an astonishing increase in the objectification of women in the music industry. From country, to pop, to rock, to hip-hop and rap there has been a dramatic rise in the use women’s…

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  • Emotional Analysis Of Keninking Pools, By Kendrick Lamar

    to lift you up. A text that has significant value, instead of another alcohol rap song to take shots to. I will summarize this music video, analyze it using Rhetorical Method as well as using the Race & Ethnicity Method, apply an outside source, and evaluate the deeper meaning behind this music video. Kendrick Lamar started off by recalling childhood memories of being around an alcoholic family coming from Chicago. Lamar then describing why people used alcohol, “Some people like the way it…

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