Junior Class Vice President Research Paper

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If someone told me four years ago what I am doing now, I would not have believed them. As a child, I always was somewhat involved whether it being track, taking dance classes, teaching some dance classes to the little girls, girl scouts, and good old art club. However, now I realized how balancing that was nothing compared to now. The ability to balance activities, events, academics/work, and more without spreading yourself too thin is a strong characteristic necessary for any leader. A leader in my eyes is not just someone who has a title but someone who does something so effectively that other people are drawn to what they are doing and want to be a part of it. Junior Class and then Senior Class Vice President, my obvious and most well …show more content…
Then fundraisers, my favorite, I set up multiple fundraisers that helped contribute to the beautiful junior prom that I devoted hours to decorating. Vice President was tough especially during Battle Of The Classes when my treasurer and President gave up. A true leader never gives up. They always believe in their people. That is why the win senior year was so incredibly rewarding. Senior year, as Vice President, I became senior class. I held meetings, organized fundraisers for not only senior class but for many charities too. Along with the help of a few friends we put together a humorous homecoming skit. Leadership is parallel to the word accomplishment in my eyes. Which is why I spread the word, held many practices, meetings, discussions, and trips to party city to pull off the big Battle of The Classes senior year victory. The week of battle was intense and even when other class officers bailed, my peers all cme and worked their hardest and tried their best. Yes, everyone wanted to win because it is senior year but they also wanted to win for me. So much went into battle this year along with prom and I hope that prom will be just as fun as

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