Educational Leadership Reflection Paper

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During this semester I was able to experience many accomplishments, all of them have helped me to gain a better understanding of what kind of leader I aspire to be. In developing my personal philosophy of educational leadership I was able to focus on what qualities I already posses to be a successful leader. I desire to be a leader that creates a positive climate and a supportive culture, one who inspires others to be great and require greatness for the students that they teach, and promoting all to become lifelong learners.. Being able to shadow my administrator in many different aspects of her profession really opened my eyes to all that is required of educational leaders and the effort that it takes to ensure that you are always working …show more content…
Through this process we focused on what we wanted to represent as a team working together in the best interest of our students. In the end we developed a vision that is now a foundation for our success, because everyone will benefit from our accomplishments. If we are able to effectively collaborate, which is important to our vision, then we will be able to create challenging lessons for our students and make certain that we are meeting the need of all students and inspiring them for future experiences. During the vision creating process, I also gained some perspective of things I need to develop for my future as a leader. Knowing that my personality is led by my feelings, there were moments when I did take things a little too personal. I had to do some self reflecting during the process to ensure that I was doing what was best for the students in developing the team vision, and not backing down when others wanted to push it aside. I believe that over time I will learn to develop a thicker skin, but I know that it is something I need to work on balancing. I think that this relates well to ELLC standard I. This standard requires educational leaders to look at the goals of the school and see the big picture. They work with the school community and seek involvement of the stakeholders in the process of developing the vision and mission for the students and their future

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