School Leadership Reflection Essay

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According to the Common Core of Leading CT School Leadership Standards, Performance Expectation 2 states, “Education leaders ensure the success and achievement of all students by monitoring and continuously improving teaching and learning.” Under this expectation, Element A focuses on Strong Professional Culture. “Leaders develop a strong professional culture which leads to quality instruction focused on student learning and the strengthening of professional competencies.” The Common Core of Leading CT School Leadership Standards Performance Expectation 5 centers on Ethics and Integrity. “Education leaders ensure the success and achievement of all students and staff by modeling ethical behavior and integrity.” High Standards for Self …show more content…
Some were from well to do families with every opportunity available to them. It only took one high for them to get hooked and that one trial led to a path of destruction. I hope to use this knowledge to have open dialogue with my students when appropriate about the dangers of drug use.
In an effort to further my knowledge about technology, I attended a presentation organized by North Haven Community Services Director Nancy Leddy and North Haven Public Schools Pupil Personnel Services Coordinator Lisa Teodosio, on Internet Safety. Scott Driscoll from Internet Safety Concepts presented the information to approximately 35-40 people, mostly parents of North Haven School students one evening in October
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I have already taken some of the information I learned and shared it with other staff. In addition to my being new at the Middle School, there are two other new teachers as well. One is a seasoned teacher who is new to the district. The other is a new teacher fresh out of college. I have used information that I learned in the Helping New Teachers to Survive and Thrive seminars to help them in their new role in North Haven. Our district recently began using Google Classroom. I have shared my experience from this summer workshop with staff helping them to get their Google Classrooms up and running.
My eighth grade students brought up the topic of internet usage and playing games on line. The knowledge I gained from Mr. Driscoll helped me have an open dialogue with my students regarding internet safety. The students were asking questions about safety and what they should be aware of. I appreciated having the background knowledge to be able to have a conversation like this with my students.
I want to take the knowledge I gained and share it with parents, students, and/or staff as appropriate. The important thing to take away from workshops is information to share with others. As a leader, I will continue to be a lifelong learner and take the information I learn and pass that on to my staff. I will also use the various trainings I attend to find professional development opportunities to

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