Reflective Essay On School Leadership

Introduction My time with American College of Education was an experience unlike any educational experience I have had in my lifetime. This program has allowed me to test myself in the field of education. It allowed me to work with two great administrators while working on these projects and classes. I have developed lasting relationships with my first mentor Amy Jorgensen-Staples that I had to leave to move back to Indiana because of family reasons. She was so supportive of my decision to move back home and helped me get my present position with a great letter of recommendation and speaking to my current principal. I’m forever in her debt for teaching me about administration and always having an open door to allow me to learn from her. …show more content…
Reading her book Trust matters: Leadership for successful schools has helped me understand how important trust is in leading. She did a wonderful job of breaking down three principals and how their leadership and trust of their staff affects the school in general. “School leaders that have the trust of their communities are more likely to be successful in creating productive learning environments” (Tschannen-Moran, 2004, pg. 13). Her book has helped me understand the importance of trust as a future administrator. I need to have the respect of my staff and to earn their trust would be a great starting point to help build a strong foundation of a great relationship. As a leader you must be patient with your staff and students. Sometimes building relationships and mending relationship can take time and you must be willing to put in the effort. “Principals and teachers earn the trust of their students first and foremost by demonstrating their care, persuading students and their parents of their underlying good will, even if the process of education at times requires discipline and the correction of misbehavior or misguided thinking” (Tschannen-Moran, 2004, pg. 137). I want to inspire to be a hard working leader that the staff can trust and come to when an issue is bothering them as well as my students. My staff will understand that I will make the hard decisions that will help benefit our students and I think that is something Megan would

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