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  • A Short Story Of Adeline: A Narrative Fiction

    Adeline opened her eyes and turned, looking at the woman in the driver’s seat, smiling slightly. “I like when it rains.” “You sound like me when I was younger,” Her mother commented. Her long ebony hair fell in loose curls around her full face, lips red and eyes like emeralds. She wore no makeup but she was still beautiful, with her slight wrinkles from her kind smile. “I always loved the rain. It was comforting.” Thunder roared overhead, making Adeline jump slightly. She looked up to…

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  • Creative Writing: The Amazing Spider-Man

    A dull ache in his ribs woke Tom from a restless sleep. As his mind became fully conscious, the pain steadily intensified and a low moan escaped from between his lips. His eyes fluttered open, and he stared around the room, his face a mask of confusion. For a moment, he had no memory of where he was, but everything soon became clear when his gaze settled on Booker. The dark-haired officer sat cross-legged on his bed reading a comic book. It was a strange sight to wake up to, and blinking…

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  • A Likely Story By Jonathan Wilkes: A Short Story

    A Likely Story By Jonathan Wilkes The door resisted his shove. Angrily he jammed his shoulder hard against it. It relented with a screech. Inertia threw him forward into the cloud of dust that belched from the dark. Floating particles attacked his eyes and his chest rebuked their advances with an explosive cough. Spluttering, he stepped back. “Who's stupid idea was this anyway” he grumbled. Savagely he snatched at the roll of black bags as they attempted to escape back…

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  • Vipassana Meditation Essay

    triangular area covering the part above the upper lip, the entrance of the nostrils, inside the nostrils till the ridge at the forehead. (Let thoughts come up and go. Come back to breath observation every time one strays away. A few deep breaths if one is not able to observe one’s breath) Step-2: Awareness of sensations in the triangular area at the time of inhalation and exhalation. Step-3: Awareness of sensations only in the part above the upper lip and at the entrance of the nostrils. (To…

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  • Cathedral Descriptive Essay

    market) sign. It was held up by a delicate arch wrapped in bright fake grass, and covered in glittery golden stars and Christmas lights that gleamed like pearls. The cheerful atmosphere, combined with the heavenly scent of cinnamon, made my chapped lips immediately crack a smile. The christmas spirit had awaken from its year-long peaceful slumber. What I found rather fascinating was the contrast between the broad shadow of the cathedral, and the light of a thousand suns radiating out of the…

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  • A Narrative Essay About A Place

    compromise because we loved the other, that we created two new people that just didn’t fit together anymore, or did our personalities change so much we grew further apart as we fell further in love? Maybe I 'd have liked him to have taken out the piercings, fix his hair, wear jeans that weren’t ripped, but those were the thing I loved about his style from the beginning. His care free attitude about his looks, not needing to impress anyone, but it’s amazing how much one chance encounter can…

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  • Dickhead: A Short Story

    she said. Gazing into the contents of her makeup box, she threw out one color after another, “Which lipstick should I wear?” she said, “I know. The red one!” Without taking her eyes off the rest of her body, she slid the bright red stick over her lips, finishing with a few blots from a tissue. She admired her body, looking at herself from the front, side, and back,…

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  • In Da Club 50 Cent's Song Analysis

    floor. Sweat glistened off young women’s bodies as they grinded on the grinning men enjoying the sensation. 50 Cent’s song ‘In Da Club’ riled up the crowd even more as the Birthday Boy Isaiah Reyes was pushed towards the stage. The six foot boy with piercing jade eyes smirked and staggered towards the stage. His usual tan skin was perspiring and his brown curls were cut away showing off his new Cesar haircut. He was pulled onto stage by his best friend and right hand man Alexander ‘Lex’…

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  • Post Orthodontic Retainers Essay

    Problems and myths for a well sustained post-orthodontic treatment was overcome by the long-term implementation of a orthodontic retainer. Having results show the effectiveness of maintaining the stability of the repaired and modified dentition.1 However, effective results came with a price of possible failures, increased plaque and calculus accumulation, thus leading to a greater risk of negative gingival outcomes.1 Another consequence seem to appear with fixed retainers, these include,…

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  • O Pioneers By Willa Cather Analysis

    lifted her head to her lover's breast, taken his hand in both her own, and bled quietly to death. She was lying on her right side in an easy and natural position, her cheek on Emil's shoulder. On her face there was a look of ineffable content. Her lips were parted a little; her eyes were lightly closed, as if in a day-dream or a light slumber. After she lay down there, she seemed not to have moved an eyelash. The hand she held was covered with dark stains, where she had kissed it.” Also, “But…

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