Personal Narrative: How I Affected My Piercing

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My first piercing was ear lobe piercing, which I don't remember. When I was in high school I added two more piercing on my upper lobe at the same time. They healed pretty much good. Before starting college I did my nose piercing, which was good at first but it got worst later. During the sophomore year, I did my helix, very painful until it healed completely. When I started my professional job, I did my tragus. It was very painful from the moment when I sat on the artist chair. She clamped my ear - pain, more pain during piercing, extreme pain during healing. I totally loved my piercing that's what motivated me to endure all the pain till I healed them.

Nose piercing - I pierced my nose with
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Piercing was painful and it bled bad. People at the shop said bleeding is normal, so it did not bother me a lot. It was so painful that I had swelling around my ear, cheeks and neck. I could hardly talk or eat because of pain and swelling. I ate painkillers for few days. Their suggestions for piercing were not to touch pierced area, clean it with soap and water, wipe it with rubbing alcohol, use Neosporin or over the counter drugs in case of infection, do not take ear stud before two weeks etc. I followed everything they said. Using alcohol made my ear dry and it looked I had dandruff in my ear and it was not helping my healing process. I started using tea tree oil. After three months of piercing, it seemed like I have healed it. But no, after a week there was blood and pus. Neosporin spray healed it for days but then there was a lump and all those nasty stuff overall again. I wanted to do my old healing trick of gold and turmeric paste. I was working at a corporate office and according to rule book piercing was not allowed. Wearing ring would make it more visible. Anyways I could not take it any longer. I remember I had my friend poke the ring though my lump. She tired but it was very difficult to get it through. I was so sad I have to let go my tragus piercing. That night I used turmeric paste. Next day it seemed little bit healed, so I tried to insert ring in piercing myself. It took me a lot of …show more content…
I no long have to wear pure metals like silver or gold. I can wear any metals I want. I can sleep either side of my head.

Suggestions Be patience.
Keep it very clean. (Over cleaning with alcohol and soap might make it dry and itchy.) Use antiseptic. (Turmeric, tea tree oil, turmeric + mustard oil, turmeric + tea tree oil are my best.) Use a pure form of metal as a jewelry until you heal your piercing.

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