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  • Pros And Cons Of Tattoo And Piercing The Body

    To modify, or not to modify? That is the question. Whether tis’ noble to inject the skin with ink and pierce the body with metals, or whether tis’ nobler to conform to society, avoiding the slings and arrows of this world’s subjectivity. There is a dissent between those in favor of tattooing and piercing the body, and those who oppose the idea of tattooing and piercing the body. Proponents of tattoos and piercings confer that modifying the body in these ways are symbolic and the essence of expressionism, while opponents counter those ideas with a belief that tattoos and piercings are harmful and have no purpose in a professional setting. People get tattoos for many different reasons, and most of them stem from a personal perspective. For many, tattoos are purposeful and symbolize an obstacle that the person tattooed had overcome. For instance, a father may have a tattoo…

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  • Body Piercings

    The Effects of Body Piercings and Tattoos on Youth Sexual Behavior Body piercings and tattoos have become commonplace among many adolescents and young adults. Their mainstream use has been popularized through the media, music and sports, and have been seen as a way of expressing social identity, culture, and individuality (Guéguen, 2012). This may explain why the overall acceptance of tattoos has increased. This study looked at the relationship between having tattoos and/or body piercings and…

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  • Body Art Modifications

    Body art and modifications Discrimination based on personal appearance is a big problem in modern society, though many people do not consider it a real form of prejudice. Despite their rise in popularity with the number of people with 2 or more tattoos doubling since 2007, tattoos in the workplace remain a contentious topic (STAPAW, 2012). Body art is art that is made with or put onto the body, tattoos are the main area of discrimination due to body art, body modifications are the artistic or…

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  • Ear Piercing Among Teens

    stretching an ear piercing has become widely popular among teens. The bigger that ear piercing is stretched the better it is. People find the whole idea of ear stretching to be gross and pointless. Ear stretching is not understood by older generations because of the terminology used when referring to ear stretching, the process of getting them to a specific size, and the whole idea of someone wanting to have giant holes in their ears. Older generations cannot seem to wrap their head around the…

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  • The Body Piercing Project By Josie Appleton

    While many students feel prepared to make their mark on the world, an increasing group find themselves lacking direction or the motivation to continue their studies. In her essay, “The Body Piercing Project,” author Josie Appleton discuses the rising statistic in body modifications worldwide. She quotes sociologist Anthony Giddens when attempting to explain this rising trend, “The main ideological framework that provided a system to understand the world…such as class, religion, or work ethic,…

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  • Dress Code Essay

    The notion that someone’s personal attire can disrupt someone else’s concentration in a learning environment is foolish to even consider. One dresses to fit ones personality, to boost ones confidence, and to make oneself feel original, not to be the top of their class. Material things such as clothes, piercing, and unnatural hair will only continue to cause a distraction when a teacher calls someone out for it being out of dress code. The distraction is not the dress code policy, it is the…

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  • Disadvantages Of Tattoos Research Paper

    Society has everyone convinced that beauty is what one wears and buys. Many people use different beauty products all around the world because they think it’s what makes them beautiful. Different things that people around the world get include make-up, cosmetic surgeries, body modifications, food to go on a diet, and stylish clothes. True beauty is not what one may see on the outside. Instead, it is truly what is in one’s heart. There are many disadvantages and advantages to using all these…

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  • Essay On Body Modification

    Body modification is a universal culture. In every culture, people changed their bodies for various reasons. Some of the different reasons would be for religious, spiritual, personal gratification, medical or social. In recent years body modification practices such as the arts of tattooing and body piercing have experienced an increase in popularity. They have become so prolific notes Katie Zezima (2005) that a survey conducted by Harris Interactive in 2003 found that one in six adults has a…

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  • Personal Narrative: How I Affected My Piercing

    HOW I HEALED MY PIERCING (NOSE, HELIX, TRAGUS) My first piercing was ear lobe piercing, which I don't remember. When I was in high school I added two more piercing on my upper lobe at the same time. They healed pretty much good. Before starting college I did my nose piercing, which was good at first but it got worst later. During the sophomore year, I did my helix, very painful until it healed completely. When I started my professional job, I did my tragus. It was very painful from the moment…

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  • The Importance Of Body Modifications

    variations of certain characteristics. Humans come in all shapes and sizes with enough combinations that it is not rare to have similar features to someone who may have a completely different background than you. Most of these characteristics occur naturally throughout one’s life, but some individuals take it upon themselves to create their own characteristics through a process called body modification. People from around the world use many different types body modifications for a variety of…

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