Pros And Cons Of The War Against Body Art

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Donny Collinson Jan. 25. 2016 2 ̊ Mrs. Randazzo
The War Against Body art
Many teenagers love the idea of having beautiful designs and jewelry displayed all over their bodies, but many of their parents will not allow it. One of the most controversial questions about teenagers and their desire for body art would have to be “Should teenagers be allowed to get tattoos and or piercings without parental consent?” I personally believe teenagers should not be able to get tattoos or piercings without parental approval because of the health issues and work environment problems they cause.
Tattoos and piercings are forms of expression (STAPAW). “In America they are protected from criminal law by the Constitution, but are not federally protected in the workplace” (STAPAW). Due to the art not being protected in the workplace many companies and stores around the US are not hiring
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Tattoos and piercings are something that should always be considered and talked about before getting them done. If teenagers had the option to get a tattoo or piercing without parental consent, they would not be able to fully talk out and understand the risks of the procedures. Which then can result in a life long mistake that can become a sign of immaturity instead of an item of “swag.”
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