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  • The Lisbon Treaty

    issue since the early 1990s. Therefore, Lisbon Treaty was lately implemented in order to improve the Union’s democracy. However, it is arguable that whether the Lisbon Treaty is effective enough to tackle the problem of democracy, which will be discussed in the following. In this essay, I will first define what is ‘democratic deficit’ and show the historical development of Lisbon Treaty, hence talking about the significant changes and problems of it. Furthermore, I will make a comparison between the before and after implementation of the Treaty in order to check the effectiveness of such treaty.…

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  • Candide Hypocrisy Analysis

    story. The second most substantial point addressed in this story is religion and not just religion as a whole, but the hypocrisy religion. Candide runs across a plethora of characters, but none being more abundant as a group than religious figures. Although he begins with blind expectations of the world and religion, Candide shortly realizes that religion can be very hypocritical in the forms of: a daughter of a pope, a mistress harboring Catholic Inquisitor with pyromaniac ambitions, a thieving…

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  • Portuguese, English, And Dutch Explorations: A Comparative Analysis

    This paper examines Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Dutch explorers and how and why the different groups acted the way they did in the areas they were exploring. Though all parties were European, each have different cultures and backgrounds. This directly affects their interactions in foreign countries. The Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Dutch were all unique in their oversea doings, each group acting and reacting in different ways for different reasons than their neighboring explorers.…

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  • Neo Functionalism Essay

    This treaty was formed the legal basis for the unification of a Europe union. Citizenship, monetary policy, common foreign and security policies and union combination co operation were addressed. The treaty was signed October 29th 2004 by representative of the European Union back then and then it was later approved 18 members states and also included votes in Spain and Luxembourg. But the disapproval of the document by the French and Dutch voters in 2005 brought the authorization process to a…

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  • Spuranationalism And Supranationalism

    Starting from the Three Pillar structure recognized in 1993, under the Treaty of European Union or the Maastritch Treay. The first pillar being the European Community, acting as a supranationalist, being the one in charge of institutions and legislative procedures, agricultural policy, the internal market, environment, citizens’ right, economic and monetary union, regional policy and many more. The other two pillars being intergovernmentalists, the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the…

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  • The Implications Of The EU Law-Making And Legislative System

    not strictly proportionate to population size and it has therefore been suggested that smaller Member States are over-represented. However, to say that European Parliament is weak compared to the Council of Ministers fails to fully consider Parliament’s competences under the Treaties. Firstly, while the Council does have greater influence over the initiation of legislation, Article 14 of the Treaty on European Union provides that it is the European Parliament who shall elect the President of the…

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  • The Maastricht Treaty

    2004 and later ratified by 18 members states it was later rejected by French and Dutch voters bringing the ratification process to an end. The importance of a stable constitution for a state to succeed is imperative. The reason for that being is the simple meaning of what a constitution provides, which is the body of fundamental principals a state abides by. This document is what finds the government. With the failure of the attempt to create the basic laws and citizen rights of the union has…

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  • Eu Law Case Study

    order to ensure the uniform application and effectiveness of Community law within the MS. Though the principle of supremacy is not explicitly stated in any of the EC Treaties or probably in future treaty, the Council Legal Service opined that this “…shall not in any way change the existence of the principle and the existing case-law of the Court of Justice.” The ECJ held that it is implicit in Article 4(3) Treaty of European Union (TEU) which lays down the requirement to ensure attainment of…

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  • The Importance Of Criminal Activity Investigation

    guilt or innocence. National borders are not a consideration when criminal activity occurs. Criminal cross-border activity investigation requires cooperation between prosecutors, judges and the European Union across the borders. Transnational criminal activity is on the increase therefore there needs to be a measure in place in order to efficiently carry out investigations between the Member States. The European Investigation order (EIO) was developed to replace the European Evidence Warrant…

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  • The Effects Of Brexit On Great Britain

    The Effects of Brexit on Great Britain What is Brexit? Is it a city? A state? Or does it refer to something else? To better understand what Brexit is, one has to go back a few years to the formation of the European Committees. These committees were developed to allow for a single trade market and a standardization of systematic laws which would help bring prosperity and stability to the then non-united European region. Eventually, in the mid-1990’s, the European Committees developed into what is…

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