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  • Swf Investment Essay

    A central theme in EU law is neutrality vis-à-vis questions of ownership, and consequently by its Article 345 of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), it refrains from subjecting member states to a duty to privatise. Both public and private market participants have been subject to equal legislative requirements, including rules relating to competition. The existence of a system of European state aid control exists to ensure that market competition is not distorted by the granting of subsidies by member states and that such states will not engage in subsidy wars among themselves. The extent to which these principles can be extended to govern the activities of non-EU states operating via SWFs in European markets is…

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  • Benefits Of Syrian Refugees

    By the end of 2017 there could as many as 3 million refugees living throughout Europe (Calamur). This is an enormous change for the population, especially for states taking in larger number of refugees or states with already low populations. To help illustrate, as of September, the Syrian refugees represent 0.11% of the European population while they represent 25% of the Lebanon population (Bajenkal). There are both benefits and costs to an increased population. The benefits offer a large…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Syrian Refugees Crisis

    The money raised would be given to countries such as Greece, Germany and Italy who are currently housing a disproportionately high number of refugees. The European Union is the number one donor in the global efforts to alleviate the Syrian refugee crisis. Around 4 billion Euros have been mobilized by the European Commission and Member States in humanitarian, development, economic and stabilization assistance to Syrians in their country and to refugees and their host communities in neighbouring…

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  • Essay On Right To Be Forgotten

    ” Subsequently, on 25 January 2012, The European Commission presented the proposal for a new regulation on data protection: the article 17 of such proposal is what we came to call “right to be forgotten”. The right to be forgotten is expressed in such article within the European Commission draft as “the right to obtain from the data controller the erasure of personal data relating to them and the abstention from further dissemination of such data, and to obtain from third parties the erasure of…

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  • CETA Informative Essay

    The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union and is one of the largest free trade agreements ever (D’Erman, 2016). In this context, largest means that the size of Canada’s market combined with the size of the European Union single market is the largest (D’Erman, 2016). CETA was signed on October 30, 2016, by Prime Minister Trudeau, Donald Tuck, and Jean-Claude Juncker. With CETA now signed 90% to 95% is now active (Leblond,…

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  • Tesla Porter's 5 Forces Analysis

    Q1. I will address this question by examining some relevant forces from the PESTEL model and Porters 5 Forces analyses (as shown in Appendix 1 and 2.). From a political standpoint, new CO2 rules are being put in place in Europe and the US to tax vehicles that don’t reach strict target efficiencies (1) (EV companies are exempt). California is also providing EV companies with ‘zero emission credits’. In contrast however, the recent drop in the global fuel price is making fossil fuel vehicles more…

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  • General Electric Merger Case Study

    A few minutes later, he decided to outbid the offer and ended up winning the bid. Following their agreement, GE would be exchanging their social capital shares for Honeywell’s representative shares. Honeywell’s common stocks would then cease to exist resulting in GE acquiring sole control of Honeywell. “General Electric 2000 Merger Sub Inc.” would have been the largest industrial merger between two American companies. Although it was cleared and endorsed by the Department Of Justice and many…

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  • Negative Effects Of Interest Groups

    Major proponents of interest group activity within the European Union claim that interest groups have a great potential of helping to diminish the (real or perceived) democratic deficit amongst the Union and its citizens (Eising 2008). The capacity of the interest groups to represent the will of the citizens is a positive quality of interest group activity that cannot be understated. As most citizens have a primary priority for tending to the details of their everyday lives, activities and…

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  • City Of Minneapolis: Committee Of The Whole: Case Study

    City of Minneapolis: Committee of the Whole Planning Commission The City of Minneapolis City Planning Commission’s ‘Committee of the Whole’ is a meeting that occurs at Minneapolis City Hall twice per month. The objective of these meetings is to provide a public forum where City staff and project applicants can discuss proposals in an official forum outside of the public hearing process. My particular meeting occurred at 4:30 PM on September 22nd, 2016. The vice president of the Planning…

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  • Euroculture: Political And Legal Perspectives

    It basically allows a possibility to call on the Commission for new policy proposals if the citizens requesting it amounts to one million or more. While the innovation behind this idea is that the solution has to go beyond the institutional level, it may not amount to a lot of change because EU citizens are hardly connected with EU. The EU policy process is technocratic and requires insider-knowledge, which means that it prevents citizens from easily identifying political preferences7. Therefore…

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