Eurydice of Thebes

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  • Why Is Creon A Tragic Hero Wrong

    Creon was settled in a difficult situation. He turned out to be the King of Thebes after King Louis and Oedipus had died. By taking all the power of the empire Creon acted as not the real person he really was. The pressure given to Creon for such position took him to have a radical change in his mind. Creon did not have the ability to not lose control of his own person. The influence of pride and wisdom provoke Creon to act incorrectly. Incorrect actions lead Creon to meet tragedies. Creon thinking that his actions would not create negatives outcomes that will affect him. Creon not only had the responsibility to act as a king making judgements errors, but after all he created his own destruction. The judgements errors that Creon made during his period of time as a king provoked Creon’s wife and son death. Creon fall from…

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  • Greek Federalism Analysis

    with new political organization after the end of the Peloponnesian War, a type of federalism emerged that united groups of Greek settlements in several geographic areas including Messenia, Boeotia, and Thessaly. These federations, along with the remaining independent poleis and the rest of Greece, soon encountered a new issue resulting from the rise of Philip of Macedon to the north. While federalism was certainly a civilizational advancement for the Greeks, its existence, regardless of how far…

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  • Oedipus Tragic Hero Essay

    The tragic flaw that seems to plague Oedipus was hubris and anger that causes him to make horrific errors in judgment. This excessive anger can be seen as it led to irrational behavior in him unknowingly killing his birth father, King Laïos, at the crossroads on the way to Thebes, marking this event a critical link that leads to Oedipus' downfall. As said in the article, “Philosophic Meaning in Oedipus Rex,” “The flaw of Oedipus is that his ability to think is impeded by a certain rashness,…

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  • Who Is The Most Powerful Character In Antigone

    Creon the King of Thebes The play Antigone takes place around 441 BC. The setting of the play Antigone is in ancient Greece. In ancient Greece the king is the most powerful person. There are nine characters in the play Antigone. The characters names from weakest to most powerful are Eurydice, haimon, A Messenger, A Sentry, Teiresias, Ismene, Antigone, The Chorus, and Creon. Creon is the king of the Thebes. That means that he is the most powerful person in the play Antigone. In the play…

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  • Summary Of Socrates Phaedo

    Phaedo describes the moments before Socrates’ death to Echecrates; telling him about Socrates’ thoughts on the immortality of the personal soul. Phaedo ends by Socrates drinking poison and saying his final words to his dear friend Crito. Socrates teaches much about the nature of the personal soul, virtue, learning, and knowledge, however the Phaedo suggests these doctrines are intending to not be Socrates’ legacy. These suggestions are Socrates’ words to Cebes, his advice to his friends, and his…

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  • What Are The Moral Values In Antigone

    Values and Motives Affecting Fate From the beginning of Antigone, the sides are chosen. Creon, the new king, is motivated by his new position and feels he cannot let the people down. Antigone is motivated by her love for her family and the pain of the past. Both allow their values to run their actions despite laws being broken and family being killed. As all of this is taking place, the Chorus is there to guide the way. The Chorus acts as a director by showing the audience the scenes as they…

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  • The Character Creon In Sophocles Antigone

    She is the contrast version of the overdramatic heroine, the representative blond ingénue as personified in Ismene. She has always been problematic, frightening Ismene as a juvenile, always claiming on the satisfaction of her desires, denying to “understand” the bounds located on her. She had a strong jealousy of Ismene. Unlike Antigone, Ismene is the object of all men’s desires. Antigone has a different type of beauty compared to Ismene such as her doing something for her brother that nobody…

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  • Aristotle's Dispute Between Creon And Antigone

    Creon has the rightful rule of the city of Thebes because he was born into a family of power and virtue. He also had the natural rule over Antigone because she was a woman and men were superior to women because Aristotle saw the women as less rational than the men. The law set forth by Creon to dishonor Polyneices’ body and to put to death whoever tried to bury him was a justified law in the mind of Aristotle because the law came about during a military expedition and so Creon could rightfully…

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  • A Reflection On Scenes In Sophocles's Antigone?

    September, to the end of October, the tenth grade theater majors have been working on scenes from the Greek play, Antigone, by Sophocles. We first learned about the history of the Greeks and presented notes to each other. We then read Antigone independently. After that, Ms.Carpenter, our theater teacher, broke us up into groups of two or three and assigned us one scene from the play. I was paired up with Hailey and we were given the first scene in the play. I was assigned to the character…

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  • Theme Of Loyalty And Power In Antigone

    Antigone, but Creon as well. Both Antigone and Creon are affected by this conflict, but in different ways. Antigone is first introduced to us as a young and loyal girl to bother her brother and the gods, that only wants to make sure both her brothers have a proper burial; according to the laws placed by the gods if someone does not receive a burial there will be no way for family members to reconnect with them in their life after death. Creon, who is the king and Antigone’s uncle, sets a law in…

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