Antigone: The Consequences Of A Tragic Hero

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A Tragic Hero is not always the one who does everything right nor wrong. A tragic hero might be the one who suffers the most or might not, but what the rest of the people are unable to see is the situation he/ she is settled on. A Tragic Hero acts wrong without looking at the damages he/she will provoke. The character of a Tragic Hero has an enormous impact in the outcomes that can be produced. The result might be either favorable or unfavorable for the rest of the people. A tragic hero does not always act as the real person that he/ she is. He/ she might be in control for the different emotions that possess him/ her.
Power is a strong destructor in somebody‘s life. Power creates more negative feelings. Once a tragic hero takes all the power
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Creon was settled in a difficult situation. He turned out to be the King of Thebes after King Louis and Oedipus had died. By taking all the power of the empire Creon acted as not the real person he really was. The pressure given to Creon for such position took him to have a radical change in his mind. Creon did not have the ability to not lose control of his own person. The influence of pride and wisdom provoke Creon to act incorrectly. Incorrect actions lead Creon to meet tragedies. Creon thinking that his actions would not create negatives outcomes that will affect him. Creon not only had the responsibility to act as a king making judgements errors, but after all he created his own destruction. The judgements errors that Creon made during his period of time as a king provoked Creon’s wife and son death. Creon fall from dignity and happiness after knowing that he was the only responsible for the death of his relatives that lead to the destruction of his family. For pride Creon did not realize that he was not only against his own personality, but also God laws. Tiresias spoke to Creon telling him that he was not acting according to god laws. Creon was under influence of power, pride and wisdom that he was unable to see how badly he was acting. Creon thought that all he was doing was right even though he was not. All the judgements that Creon made were against God laws. The rest of the people could …show more content…
I have a stronger candidate for tragic Hero. In my opinion Creon is the best candidate for tragic hero. Creon acted under the influence of pride and wisdom provoking the destruction of his own person. After Creon lost control of his own person, the judgement errors were increasing leading to a bigger destruction. Creon did not act correctly therefore he will pay for such crimes he has committed. Tiresias spoke “No, you will find them too costly” (80, 72). Everything started when his son will not let his wife to die lonely. Haimon spoke to her father “Then she must die. --- But her death will cause another” (74, 125). What Haimon said to his father was true Haimon kills himself “Haimon is dead; and the hand that killed him is his own hand” (82, 21-22). Creon did not believe that all the words that Tiresias spoke to him will came to reality. It did not pass much time when Creon met another cost of his actions later on when he discover that her wife was dead. Creon spoke “All true, all true, and more than I can bear! O my wife, my son! (84,120-121). Creon felt guilty because he knew that his incorrect decisions were the main reason why his family is destroyed. He killed those two people that were part of his life. He have betrayed his own blood. Creon ended to be alone and guilty for all that he has

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