Who Is The Tragic Hero In Sophocles Antigone?

Who is the tragic hero of Antigone?
When the word. ‘Tragic hero’ is mentioned, many individuals visualize a tragic hero as a character whom plays the role of both a victim and as a hero of a plot of the story. Occacionately, others view a tragic hero as someone who derives from being a main hero, or main character, to being the compassionate victim. The tragic hero of Sophocles Antigone, was Creon. Creon was a very headstrong and arrogant man who would never take advice from anyone and would always rely on his own beliefs no matter what. This makes him the tragic hero because his hubris character leads him to a downfall circumstance. In the other hand, it’s more humane kind to believe that in this story, Antigone should have been the overall
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At first, Haimon seems to be unsure whether to follow his moral beliefs, (the morals of the Gods) and stand for Antigone, or support his father’s decision in condemning Antigone. At the end, Haimon does what seems to be correct for him and decides to stand in favor of Antigone no matter what. When Haimon finds out about Antigone’s death, he kills himself. Eurydice, Haimon’s mother and Creon’s wife, . also kills herself when she finds out about the death of her own son. “I have killed my son and my wife…” (Page: 85, 145) This demonstrates how Creon accepts his guilt and realizes what he has done wrong. The saddest thing being a tragic hero of a story is that many individuals do not see the tragic hero until the end of the play. How it’s in the story of ‘Antigone.’ At the beginning of the story, many could say that Antigone was the tragic heroine of the story because during the play, she was left alone without the moral support of her sister, Ismene and going through the critics and judgments of an insensible king. What many readers do not understand is that, in every arrogant and harsh individual, there’s a human being that is going through his/her own judgements and make them be who they are with others. In Creon’s character, Creon pretends to be an insensible man in order to have the respect of his servants and son. What he does not realizes is that, because of his pride, he does not only loses the support of his son, but he also loses his son by feeling what it is to seeing his son in a dead body. Not only hi loses his son, he also loses his wife. This is a tremendous lesson learned to a character who at end, ends staying alone without anyone. Realizing that his life could have been better if he reacted differently under the circumstances

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