Creon The Tragic Hero In Sophocles Antigone

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The play Antigone by Sophocles translated by Ian Johnston, follows the guides for a tragic hero in which the main character, the king, merges to act the role as the tragic hero. He reveals his flaw as hubris and faces many challenges that make him take drastic decisions. His arrogance does not let him see that he has made mistakes and he would not assume them. He ends up losing everything that matters to him, in a devastating series of events. This makes him the perfect tragic hero in this play because he goes through excessive punishment as well as self awareness.

Creon 's noble stature certainly affects the overall theme of the story as him being the king. He takes charge; he makes the law and everyone has to obey his decisions without
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One of his big decisions appear when he decides what to do with Oedipus sons, “These are the principles/I’ll use in order to protect our state/That’s why I’ve announced to all citizens my orders for the sons of Oedipus,” (Sophocles scene 1, 217-220). Creon’s free choice on not burying both sons, but only one and going against God’s laws brings chaos, “Stop now before what you’re about to say/ enrages me completely and reveals/ that you’re not only old but stupid too,” (Sophocles scene 1, 324-326). Creon has a lot of pride that even though he sees that his decisions about not burying Polyneices, it is bringing him a complete mayhem in his kingdom. He does not want to recognize that going against god 's laws is a wrong …show more content…
Finally, the tragic hero tries to fix things, “I’ll go and set her free myself. Now I’m afraid/Until one dies the best thing well maybe / to follow our established laws,” (Antigone scene 5, 1243-1245). Creon now wants to fix his error, he has realized the mistake he has done and he is putting his pride aside. These punishments are so extreme because he ends up trying to fix everything when it is too late.Creon comes to the understanding of his mistakes too late and now he has to live with guilt about not being able to stop himself before. After he tries freeing Antigone from his mandate but being to late he tells this to his guards “Then take this foolish man away from here/I killed you, my son, without intending to,/and you, as well, my wife.How useless I am now,” (Sophocles exodes 1477-1479). In this moment Creon is talking about himself and now he finally learns to listen to others, but when he now it is already too late to fix anything, but he did learn his lesson. Even though it cost him his wife, son and daughter in law lives. This is what makes this story tragic.
Creon fits perfectly as a tragic hero because he is from a high class and his flaw being hubris makes him lose everything in a tragic way;losing his entire family due to his poor decisions. Creon learned from his mistakes, even though when he learned his

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