Creon Is A Tragic Hero In Sophocles Antigone

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I 'm talking about how Creon is a Tragic Hero in the story of Antigone which was written by Sophocles.
In the story Antigone the King of Thebes Creon is a tragic hero. He stoned his niece even though everyone tells him that they disagree with him which is hubris. He was the son of Menoikeus, he affected the audience by fear and/or pity, and he has realize he has made an irreversible mistake.

In the story Antigone the author Sophocles has created the character Creon who is the new King of Thebes, and son of Menoikeus, and has given him the characteristics of a tragic hero. They all lead to his own death by his own hands including pride which was the the reason all of this occurred.

In the story of Antigone, the character Creon is a tragic
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“Your temper terrifies them-everyone will tell you only what you like to hear.” Haimon said that to Creon as he advanced on stoning Antigone. Haemon was telling Creon that everyone didn 't agree with his decisions and they never let Creon know because they feared him since he is being very harsh and having a lot of pride, not second thinking his decision, and that he will go as far as stoning his own niece, his sister’s daughter which is an example of the audience is affected by pity and/or fear which is an example of being a tragic hero. The chorus starting talking to each other on how Creon has gone mad with him killing Antigone and that it was not right to Stone someone to death for doing such a generous act and that Antigone should be honored for what she has done. “But I at any rate can listen, and I have heard them muttering and whispering in the dark about this girl, they say no woman has never so unreasonably died so shameful a death for a generous act.” The people of Thebes feel that Antigone should be honored and not killed, but the people of Thebes are too scared to let Creon know that he is wrong for stoning Antigone, with them saying how they have never known a woman that has died so unreasonably for doing something that is generous and should be honored and not punished …show more content…
After everyone finally told Creon that he was wrong for stoning Antigone he finally started to realize that he made a mistake, making an irreversible mistake is an example of being a tragic hero. “That is true… it troubles me, oh it is hard to give in! but it is worse to risk everything for stubborn pride.”After listening to teiresias and now the choragus Creon finally realized that he has made an irreversible mistake by stoning Antigone, he now realizes that it was a result of his arrogant pride which is hubris, another example of being a tragic hero. Creon feels really bad now since his actions has lead to the death of his son Haemon and Antigone, he realized that he has made an irreversible mistake which is an example of a tragic hero.“Nothing you say can touch me any more. My own blind heart has brought me From darkness to final darkness. Here you see the father murdering, the murdered son- And all my civic wisdom.” After seeing Antigone and Haemon dead Creon realizes he has made an irreversible mistake when he sees them dead and he takes the blame for their deaths, all because of him thinking what he was doing was right, Creon taking the blame for something that he regrets and can 't be changed anymore is an example of being a tragic hero. All of the above shows Creon is a tragic hero and that after the deaths of Antigone and Haemon,

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