Who Is Creon Tragic Hero

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“All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.” Creon makes a grave mistake when he chooses his pride over the ones he cares about. As Creon rules over Thebes his judgment is clouded over by his own stubborn pride and shuts out anyone that gets in his way.

P1 Creon was born into nobility so he was next in line to be king when Eteocles and Polyneices were killed. Since Creon has noble blood in him he has every right to be king. I believe that Creon is the tragic hero when he is introduced to real power as the king. Creon made an unfair law that led to death for mourning, or burying Polyneices. “And I as the next in blood have succeeded to the full power of the
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Clouded by his own judgement he locks up Antigone in a stone vault. “That is true…. It troubles me. Oh it is hard to give in! But it is worse to risk everything for stubborn pride.” Creon realizes that he shouldn’t rely on his pride because it’s clouded his judgement enough for him to realize the true mistake. I believe Creon realized his mistake due to something Teiresias said was that Creon’s future is filled with a house filled with men and women weeping because it’s filled with death. “It is hard to deny the heart! But I will do it: I will not fight with destiny.” Creon agrees with himself that he should accept his fate because of the choices he’s made. The Choragos tells Creon that he should go free Antigone and redeem himself from his …show more content…
Antigone killed herself because she didn’t want to live as a prisoner and Creon was to late to free her and realized that his fate is coming closer. “And now he lies dead with the dead, and she is his at last, his bride in the houses of dead.” Haimon killed himself because Antigone hung herself so he stabbed himself in the side. Creon realized his mistake because his son and Antigone killed themselves realizing that he had just made an irreversible mistake. “Surely a god has crushed me beneath the hugest weight of heaven, and driven me head long a barbaric way to trample out the thing I held most dear.” The future that Teiresias told Creon was had come true and Creon is now paying for it because he had not realized his mistake soon enough. Teiresias gave Creon his fate that he would make a mistake so severe that it would cause all the ones he held most dear death.

As Creon’s decisions start to reflect off of the ones he cares about he’s put them all in danger of themselves because they all kill themselves. The deaths of Antigone, Haimon, and Eurydice changed Creon they made him see the real picture of reality and before he could see the picture it was already too late to save anyone of them. Making decisions that reflect off of your own pride can lead to decisions that you will soon

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