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  • Bsc5 Unit 4

    BC5 CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND COGNATION LEARNING II M2014EE007_HARSHILA Briefly scan the science, mathematics engineering education literature. Locate and describe a misconception/ alternative conception around a topic discussed in literature (such as Earth being flat Vs. the ‘correct’ conception of it being round) exhibited among children/students. Discuss this misconception and its nature in relation to networks perspective as well as Gibson’s idea of “affordance”. Try to build a discussion along the following lines, using this (network + affordance) perceptive: (a) What explains the existence of this alternative conception/ (b) Is holding such a conception natural/ What kind of daily experience may have led to such a conception? (c) Can misconception/alternative conception be corrected/ replaced? (e) Can utilize to learn- teach ‘correct” conception? If yes, how? (f) What could be the nature of concepts in mind? And (g) what implication this may have today’s education (curriculum) scenario? Introduction Constructivism view of the student the students learn from the previous knowledge, new idea of education is built upon the student prior knowledge. While the teaching science and mathematics subject teacher find student have so many misconception about any topic. This is one of the challenges to the teacher how correct their misconception. Misconception in the science and idea of affordance and the neural network When teacher provide instruction…

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  • Application Essay: My Trip To The Topography Of Terror

    This summer, my family and I traveled to Berlin, Germany to learn about my Jewish great grandparents’ experience during the Holocaust. After visiting the Topography of Terror, I have become interested in understanding how the Nazis could turn a democracy into a dictatorship. This trip made me question not only government’s actions of the past, but also my government’s actions today. It has made me look at the U.S. 2016 election differently. Most of all, my trip made me want to learn more about…

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  • Real Stalin Analysis

    Although it did not intend to show Hitler’s caring and loving character, it was a direct propaganda and a fabrication of the reality. Like Fall of Berlin, Theresienstadt can be considered to be one of the greatest examples of indigestible propaganda. Its aim was to show everyone, especially the International Red Cross, that the Jews were not at all suffering at ghettos. In the film, we see a peaceful ghetto in Czechoslovakia. The film starts off showing a well-dressed girl and an old lady who is…

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  • Why Did Stalin Develop The Marshal Plan

    In 1945 directly following the end of WWII, Nazi territory was separated into zones. Each Allie country (US, France and Great Britain) were given a zone during the Potsdam Conference. During this conference the Soviet Union’s assigned zone encompassed all of Germany, along with other European countries. This concerned the Allies as it was apparent the priority of the USSR was to spread communism and their idealistic views. Therefore the Allies divided the city of Berlin into East and West…

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  • Commentary On Stasiland By Anna Funder

    Anna also worked in Berlin for a German communication production service. Anna Funder amalgamated various sources to present a detailed account of the time period she calls “Stasiland.” Funder used personal accounts as sources. She gathered information from face-to-face interviews as well as phone calls, recounted in her book. Anna analyzed Stasi files and other documents. In addition to outside sources, Funder used her own experiences to further enhance her book. Funder recollects her own…

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  • The Berlin Wall: The First World War

    history of the Berlin Wall was ignited by World War II. Germany plotted an attack on Poland, yet was intimidated by the fact that the Soviet Union might interfere. So, before raiding Poland, Hitler made sure to sign a non-aggression pact with the U.S.S.R. This pact secretly stated that Poland should be divided between Germany and the Soviet Union, with Germany receiving the western third, while the Soviets gained control of the remaining two-thirds. Germany began their attacks on Poland on…

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  • Analysis Of Stasiland By Anna Funder

    and moving on from its past. Establishing a country of “grey buildings, grey earth, grey birds and grey trees”, Funder presents Germany as being dull, dark and without hope, indicating her belief that it is unable to build over the impact of the GDR as it can be seen in the city but in the landscape as well. The cold and dark colors also reflect the utilitarian aspects of the GDR, and identifies that the former regime still lingers, despite Germany’s attempt to move forward and build a new…

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  • Sybil Carpenter Character Analysis

    Once again, Salinger wasn’t oblivious to the meanings behind each character’s name. In fact, symbolism plays a part in the character Sybil Carpenter. “Sybil, bright with innocence but already tarnishing, symbolizes for Seymour the human condition: like the sibyls of old, she is the unconscious oracle through whom the prophecy is revealed, the instrument of truth” (Lane). A sibyl is defined as “a woman in ancient times supposed to utter the oracles and prophecies of a god” (“sibyl”). It is…

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  • The Cold War In Germany

    During this time, 275,000 planes transported 1.5 million tons of supplies and a plane landed every three minutes at Berlin 's Templehof airport (BBC). The Russians saw that their allies were not going to give up. Russia called off the blockade. At this point is where East and West Germany became the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR). They each then gained rights of their own portions of the city of Berlin. The Soviets were not happy about having to give…

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  • Gorbachev: The Rise And Fall Of The Berlin Wall

    many as The Berlin Wall. It became a significant symbol that represented all of those things depending on which side of the wall you were on. The events leading up to the building and destruction of the wall were very important to not only the Germans, but also to the whole world. The wall itself was a very complex security system and claimed many lives of those who tried to flee from East Berlin to West Berlin. When World War II was winding down, Russia claimed Berlin as a spoil of war. In…

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