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  • The Brothers Grimm's Cinderella

    name for the main protagonist of the story shows how much women were belittled. One can argue that Cinderella is in fact her name, but even through the story’s exposition does the reader see it all but a nickname. This woman in one of the most profound “children’s story” is not even worthy enough for a name because “she always looked dusty and dirty” (Grimm 20). As if this was not enough, the Grimm brothers did not even allow Cinderella to help herself. She had to rely on some sort of outside magical force to give her the pretty dress and take her to the ball. It is obvious that women during this time were always in need of “saving”. This damsel in distress ultimately becomes a trophy wife for a king to be in a wealthy kingdom—happily ever after. This is quite a change as literature breaks the barrier of the 21st century. History has long been changed as women have turbulently gained positions of power. In the past century society has made strides to level the field for both sexes as woman’s suffrage and title IX concepts have become the norm. For the first time, women could actually be expected to be independent and ambitious for their own goals. In the story “The Art of Cooking and Serving” by Margaret Atwood the reader finds a girl who is in a trapped situation as well. Throughout this story she is forced to take on much of the housewife type duties for her incapacitated pregnant mother. The storyline makes it clear that she does not enjoy her work and that she grows…

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  • Happy Ever After Research Paper

    to be your Happy Ever After. Life is a constant change for improvement and to become the person we are today from darkness comes light. Life is change it may be hurtful and wonderful at the same time nonetheless you may have only one at a time other times you 'll have both. My grandmother in my mom side had a difficult life growing up, her name even destined to sound like a fairy tale is Rosa. She lived in a small town smaller than here. Her mother, Estela, left the house because her father,…

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  • Happily Ever After: An Analysis Of Disney's Lack Of Education

    Disney exposed many boys and girls to what we had to do to live out our “happily ever afters”. The damsels in distress were all gorgeous and ignorantly eating apples from strangers or hoarding dinglehoppers until their handsome, wealthy men stepped in to marry them. Cue the end to the happy couple skipping to their white carriage, birds chirping, and the cursive, sparkling script “And they all lived Happily Ever After”. It is then that the guardians of the child will add another scene, one that…

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  • Analysis Of Disney's Not So Happily Ever After Parents

    Disney’s Not So Happily Ever After Parents Disney Princesses and Happily Ever After no longer just an imaginative story line embracing the tales of time, but now seen by aloof as a rather cruel tool used to plague the minds of our youth with unrealistic ideals, expectations, and body image. Stephanie Haynes, a freelance journalist, critiques in great detail her ideas of the growing trend of sexualization of young girls. This is captured in her essay titled “Little Girls or Little Women? the…

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  • Cartoon Motherly Ever After: Refiguring The Disney Narrative Of Feminity

    adventurous. Little did we know, we were also being taught another lesson. Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and many others all have something in common; an absent mother. Why are most Disney characters motherless and what lesson are producers trying to convey? Sarah Boxer reported in her article, Why are all the Cartoon Mothers Dead, that Disney is trying to encourage fathers to be more involved with their children and families. In Reading Beyond “Happily Ever After”:…

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  • Discrimination In The Life Of Medgar Evers

    their skin colour and heritage. Many people and activists, including Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Medgar Evers were confronted with hate because they were coloured people living in a racially segregated community. Though white people and a few black people discouraged Medgar Evers and did not believe in him, he still wanted to make a possible change in the world which would create a difference for coloured people so they would be…

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  • Medgar Evers Thesis

    Introduction/Thesis: Medgar Evers born on July 2, 1925 in Decatur Mississippi was a multifaceted civil rights activist. He advocated for organized boycotts of discriminatory white business, fought for equal, no longer separate, education for black and white children. Broke barriers in his time with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He also fought for legal justice for African Americans during that time. Evers is one of the most prominent figures in the pre…

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  • How Did Medgar Evers Influence The Civil Rights Movement

    Medgar Evers organized voter-registration efforts, demonstrations, and economic boycotts.He did these boycotts because of the companies that practiced discrimination. He also worked to investigate crimes that were directed against blacks.Evers applied to the University of Mississippi Law School in February 1954. After being rejected, he volunteered to help NAACP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) try to entrap the university with a lawsuit. Medgar Evers gathered new…

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  • Medgar Evers: The Civil Rights Movement

    audacious beings that helped to alter the underlying causes of the tension and brutality. These activists made lots of advancements to achieve a humanity among society. Many people during the early 1960s were upset over the civil rights activists and their achievements. Tensions were raised as the community fought over rights (Medgar Evers). One of the most prominent civil rights activists was Medgar Evers, now a widely known revolutionary for his acts against the hate…

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  • My Medical Assistant Experience

    a late night in Spring when I went to visit my pregnant sister. A few moments after being at her house, she mentioned she was not feeling well. As a concerned aunt to be, my immediate response was that we needed to see a doctor. Considering it was 10 PM there was no way we could have gotten to her OB/GYN, therefore we decided to go to the nearest emergency room. We waited and we waited, filled with anxiety, fear and many mixed emotions. It was moments later that we were greeted by a Physician…

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