Happy Ever After Research Paper

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Life my always offer you very unsuspecting event that turn your life around. They may be minor others may be so big to miss even if you wanted to. There are those moments in life that seem so difficult and eager to escape somewhere where no one can hurt you. That moment you feel like a complete waste, but then there are those moments that are meant to be your Happy Ever After. Life is a constant change for improvement and to become the person we are today from darkness comes light. Life is change it may be hurtful and wonderful at the same time nonetheless you may have only one at a time other times you 'll have both.
My grandmother in my mom side had a difficult life growing up, her name even destined to sound like a fairy tale is Rosa. She lived in a small town smaller than here. Her mother, Estela, left the house because her father, Gustavo, wasn 't a very pleasant man. Gustavo would constantly leave Estela bruised with all the hate he felt and most of it due to the alcohol in his system. When she left my grandmother was not in the best place because due to a rumor said by a family member of her father, Gustavo treated her very different. They moved to closer to his family in a near ranch. When this happened Rosa had less time to go to
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My history well some of it is my own fairy tale with a great ending and still being written. God knows what he has in store for me. Yet this story well be said and passed to my children someday and also they to their children and hopefully with my added in there. Out of all the bad there is always good only thing is to look for that good no matter what. All the change that happens is for good all that darkness that surrounds us will later come to light. The change that happens in our lives will come painful, but wonderful both or one at time let 's cherish them. After all that happens to us is good bad or good, both help us grow and become the people we will be or

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