My Personal Philosophy Of The Helping Profession

My Personal Philosophy of the Helping Profession
Rachel Devlin
Central Community College
Human Services Department

My Personal Philosophy of the Helping Profession
Life is meant to be lived, but life is what your make it. Choices define who we are but not who we could be. It can be hard, with struggles internally and externally. It can be painful. Things happen in life that hurt, some is due to circumstances beyond our control while others happen due to the choices we make. There can be events that bring great joy. They provide us with feelings of accomplishment and motivate us to continue on. There are no definite answers on changing who we are, but there are processes that can help us to become who we want to be. Past, present,
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Throughout my time in the human services program at Central Community College, I have become more aware of the person I am and the areas where I need to continue to strive for improvement. In the beginning of this journey I felt that I could handle whatever came my way. After my course of education, I realize that there may be areas where I may struggle once I am exposed to more situations. Although I have worked in the field of developmentally disabled most of my life, I hadn’t realized that there were subgroups within the culture I would struggle working with. During my time with BSDC I experienced an area where I was uncomfortable working with the clients. I had to reevaluate my value system and required large amounts of support to complete my practicum. I reached out to my supervisor and when I did not receive adequate support I reached out to my advisor. Once I received support I felt I was able to continue providing adequate services to my client for the remainder of my practicum. This experience confirmed the importance of self-awareness. Without it I could have caused maleficence to my …show more content…
I would like to be able to help them visualize opportunities to improve their current and future outcomes. I would also like to provide them with insight of how their past has created who they are and although it may have created great angst within them, it has given skills and awareness to create a better future. I believe there is no specific method or theory for helping a client meet their goals. Each client is a unique individual that will have their own specific needs. It is important to look towards our clients and create an atmosphere that will make them successful rather than choose a theory that works best for the helper. As clients come to me, whether it be mandatory, by necessity, or by choice, I will choose my methods based on the needs of each of my clients. As the client and I collaboratively assist and plan for their success I believe they will only learn the skills necessary by doing. For example, a client can express their desire to get a job, but they will not acquire one until they have applied. It will be my responsibility to help develop the skills needed to feel confident in the application

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