Personal Statement: My Personal Philosophy Of Social Work

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Ever since I was little, I was aware that my brother Keng was physically unable to do things that everyone else in my family could. However, this aspect about my brother introduced me to the profession of social work. We always had a social worker come in and out of the house.I remember my mom telling me who they were and what they did. I respected their line of work and their ability to understand my family’s life situation. They found resources to accommodate my brother’s needs. That is where my interest in social work grew. When I told my parents my dream of becoming a social worker, they told me to do what I loved. That gave me a sense of support, and determination.When I had doubts about it and started to stray away from it, my brother pushed me to continue my major in SW. He encouraged me to do my best and to focus on what I love to …show more content…
I would like to have a voice in the Hmong community. I am hoping that I overcome my fear of losing a fight that is worth fighting for. I want to show others that we are capable of holding positions in the government realm. As I go on further, I would like to teach others about social work. I think we should withstand our passion and become experts so we can teach others. The experience that I have had teaching others makes me value passing my knowledge to others. There are a few values I believe would be helpful for my future in social work. My family and I embrace the idea of dignity and worth of a person. I think this aspect is one I will hold as the top priority because it is so important to view someone as a human being. I understand that I will be in a position to assist people from diverse backgrounds, therefore, by applying this value, it will help me to learn more about others and myself. In addition, I will set aside my personal emotions and biases to effectively

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