Lessons I Learned In Social Work

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a. In looking back over the courses you’ve taken thus far, what are the key themes and lessons that you feel will be the most prominent in your mind as you enter the field of social work? This could be a concrete tool or practice, or perhaps a theme or way of thought.
As I reflect back on the courses that I have taken thus far, I have learned many great themes and lessons that will be prominent in my mind as enter the field of social work. The most valuable lesson I have learned is who and what should guide my work with individuals from such vulnerable populations. I have learned that I must allow God to guide my work with each and every client that I serve. Along with God I must allow each client and their values to guide my work as I assist them with creating change that will improve their quality of life. I also have to allow my own desire to help others and my own values guide my work in the field of social work although I cannot force my
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As a social worker will help individuals, families, and groups create change that will improve the quality of life for each individual. I will advocate for others to empower each client I work with. I fill the role of a broker in order to connect individuals with needed resources. I will be a mediator when I assist others with conflict resolution and problem solving. In addition I will be a researcher to assist with evaluating practice interventions and programs to inform practice. There are many responsibilities that will be expected of me as a social worker. I have the responsibility to remain professional and act ethically at all times, seek supervision as needed, uphold confidentially laws, and treat each individual with dignity and respect. Also I will teach, guide, and support each individual while respecting the client’s rights to self-determination at all

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