Importance Of Social Work Values

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Values are a set of beliefs and ideals that are meaningful to an individual, group or organization. They signify what is most important in our lives and often gives reasoning for our particular actions. Each set of values differs from on individual to the next because they are built off of our own personal experiences, social environments and family backgrounds. Values play a major role in how we go about living our daily lives. My set of personal values consists of the importance of family, true happiness, knowledge and spiritualty. Throughout my life the development of my personal values took place based off of different aspects of my life, beginning with the value of the importance of family.
Growing up I didn’t live in the typical two-parent
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Family, which was my first value, taught me how to treat individuals equally and respectfully no matter the differences. Also, how not to judge an individual based of certain aspects of the life because everyone has a different story. Overall developing compassion, which is most important when dealing with different clients. This relates closely to several social work values including dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships and service. Next is knowledge, which relates to each professional social work value. Not only am I able to implement the experience, skills and information that I have learned inside the classroom to the actual social practice, but also the knowledge I have gained from my social environments, personal experiences and people. Happiness is closely related to the social worker and client relationship, and can be used as a measurement tool for the ultimate goals the client is tying to achieve. This value is connected to several social work values including service, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships and integrity. Lastly religion, where my knowledge of my own religion can be used when working with clients beliefs similar to my own and also will encourage me to gain more information about several other religions as well. The value of religion can be applied to all six professional social work

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