Reflection On My Thoughts On Becoming A Mental Health Counselor

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Journal #1: My Thoughts on Becoming a Mental Health Counselor
Tanya Mizell
Walden University Journal #1: My Thoughts on Becoming a Mental Health Counselor With great significance, my progression through the Walden University’s mental health counseling program will indeed impact my life both personally and professionally. The impact of my studies and training will assist me in making the changes and enhancements that are necessary for me to be a proficient, commonsensical and open-minded counselor, while putting into practice the variety of methods I am being trained to use when working with clients professionally. I will not only be benefiting my clients, but also myself. I classify this process as a fundamental confrontation that I must face in order to alter my own way of thinking and ultimately flourish as a mental health counselor. As a mental health counselor, my involvement in clients’ lives will essentially be to facilitate the transformational change. In the article, “What is transformational change?,” Gass calls the transformational change holistic, and goes on to say that it is an “approach, a philosophy and a methodology” that is powered “by attending equally to hearts & minds, human behavior and the social
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It is my belief that the process of revealing my own dilemmas is essential for my journey to become a mental health counselor. This process will require me to first heal so that I do not carry my own scars and emotions into therapy sessions with my clients. Healing thoroughly will allow me to be connected to my clients by way of previous experiences while properly assembling indispensable boundaries, as I guide clients towards the progression of closure and maturity, among other things that are a burden to them (Laureate Education,

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