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  • The Necessity Of Parade Analysis

    This I believe…This I believe…This I believe…This I believe. I just finished reading four essays about the beliefs of others from around the world. Each belief unique; each belief eye opening. Parades, rice, jewelry boxes and bus rides all turned into life lessons. I found myself nodding, laughing and in awe of how a person could take one simple thing and make it so much more. Each of theses essays brought me back to what Ballenger said, “the personal essayist must always find some way to hitch the particulars of his or her experience to something larger that the reader might share” (pg 73 of The Curious Writer). And that they did. Daniel’s essay “The Necessity of Parades,” takes a goofy St. Patrick’s Day Parade and compares it to every day life in a light-hearted and somewhat sarcastic tone. He starts his metaphor off by explaining that “most paraders look intentionally silly. Everyone smiling,” most readers would think that he says this to say that people take life too seriously but he squashes that assumption by saying; “indeed, parades are about taking your life very seriously.” He elaborates on the idea that these paraders are more of a marching army on life that “walk right down the middle of the street telling everyone they haven’t given up, and they’re not going to.” The…

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  • Christian Ethics By Peter Mahoney

    The best experiences that I found were really interesting went on throughout the days of me helping out there. They were the stories that the residents told. I was at the houses over Remembrance Day and that week and I based some of the activities that I had done on the topic of remembrance. One lady grew up in England and went into the army at age 17. She was one of the many nurses working in the army at the time. She told me different stories about her time in the army and some of the…

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  • Hip Pain: A Short Story

    at 9:00 am, just like every other day of the week. Once he finishes climbing out of his deep slumber, Eli grabs some clothes and gingerly heads up the stairs. Now Eli isn’t like most kids his age, which at this time he is 15 and in 10th grade, he has chronic hip pain and sleeps close to 18 hours a day. He has visited many doctors, been diagnosed with Lyme disease and many other things. Up until now, nothing has cured him, but hopefully soon that will change. Back to the story, Eli slowly limps…

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  • Essay On Daycare For Children

    with daycare or a babysitter. In the United States in 2007, 2.3 million children under age five were in daycare . The issue is daycare problem. Daycare is not beneficial for children under the age of five, and one parent should stay home with children the first few years of life. Children should bonds with their family; daycare is not a good teacher for children, and violence has happened in daycare. The most important relationship of a child 's life is the attachment to his or her…

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  • Early Childhood Program

    children with a good foundation for life. In Quebec, Early Childhood Education is very much important because we valued children as our most priceless assets. Quebec society, however due to multiculturalism, the agencies transforms the curriculum to meet the needs of every child not only nurturing but also in giving them the good quality education.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Changing My Way To Lose Weight

    weeks ago. Before that, I control my weight by only take a lunch for an entire day’s energy. However, since I began my intern, I have to get up very early and work to 5 PM. So just having one meal a day is definitely not enough for me. But also I know if I take more than one meal everyday my weight will go up. Then I came up with the idea I should do some exercise, because it can not only control my weight but also make myself physically stronger. I talked with one of my friend who serves in…

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  • Dorothy Day Eulogy

    Iconic Ms. Dorothy Day: Preface” There are fewer people that could recognize a problem or issue that plagues our society; contained by reason, internalize the situation without benefiting personally, answering and muster up the fortitude to attempt a solution. This notion was embodied by Ms. Dorothy Day. All around us are passionate, loving and concerned human beings, but almost never to a fault. Some people’s sacrifices are pretentious and selfish due to the fact that the person(s) sacrifice…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Day My Divorce

    I’ll never forget that day, April 20, 2006, the day my divorce became final. After twelve years of hell, I was set free. My ex-husband and I met as teenagers and fell into a whirlwind romance. At first everything was wonderful, with all those late-night drives to nowhere, ones where we would talk about our mutual love for theater and music, where we would complain about our messed-up families. For the first few months, it was ideal. Then the trouble started. Three months after we began dating…

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  • Narrative Essay On Memorial Day

    As the nation observes Memorial Day this weekend, we should take a few minutes to reflect on the great number of American military cemeteries that span the far reaches of the planet, where boundless ranks of white stones stand silently at attention with few visitors to ever pay their respects. There were never any veterans’ reunions for them – not one. Well, at least not on this side of eternity’s threadlike veil. In what seems like a blink of the eyes, it was last summer that I was…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Abstinence Experience

    For my abstinence experience, I decided to give up Korean media for nine weeks. This type of media included YouTube videos involving reality shows of different popular Korean figures, Korean shows, and news involving Korean popular culture. I chose this habit because it has been an intricate part of my life for a few years now. Last year, I noticed that I appeared to have an addiction to watching Korean shows and other Korean media on YouTube. It reached a point where I was watching it almost…

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