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  • Sleeping Bueaty: Basile Vs. Perrault

    “Sleeping Bueaty” Basile v.s. Perrault There are many ways you can contrast short stories from their character, to the plot, theme’s, and setting. One of the easiest ways to contrast short stories is by focusing in on the plot of the story and the characters. For example, in the two versions of “Sleeping Beauty” written by Giambattista Basile and Charles Perrault. While Giambattista Basile version is more of an adult version of “Sleeping Beauty”, Charles Perrault does write a more child friendly version of the story. Because Basile chose to be more graphic in his writing it can be easy to contrast the plot of the story and the characters. For example, when later on in the story he starts talking about forced sexual intercourse. There are a couple of similarities in the plot and characters in both stories like the prince in Perrault’s story and the king in Basiles story, but there is more contrast. There are many differences between Perrault’s and Basile’s versions of “Sleeping Beauty”. Although both versions say that the king and prince went…

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  • Comparing Sleeping Beauty And Basile's Sun, Talia

    For centuries, the story of “Sleeping Beauty” have been told in multiple variations and have evolved over many generations; it is recognized all around the world. The plotline is as follows: the girl or princess is cursed by an evil source to fall into deep slumber, and is only awoken through true love’s kiss, which is usually performed by a prince. Every rendition of the fairy tale delineates a male adopting the savior role and the vulnerable female in need of saving. All the versions I’m…

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  • The Great Cat Massacre Analysis

    princess reveal the evolution of women’s role from child bearing duties to love and female independence. Nevertheless, while Darton focuses primarily on stories passed on by oral tradition, I argue that it is also necessary to examine tales in other forms, such as written literature and recorded films. By examining these versions of Sleeping Beauty, I will reveal the complex and fluid development of women’s role in Western history. Tracing back to the 16th century, one of the earliest oral…

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  • Class Differences In Fairy Tales

    Fairy tales live in the minds of their narrators and the audience, evolving slightly each time they are told. The same tales told six hundred years ago still lives in the minds of people after their authors have been long forgotten. Fairy tales hold a unique magic that allows them to grow, and to change, becoming fresh and relevant new generations. During the time the tales of the Grimm Brothers were created, people lived in fear of magic and witches. While Pentamerone, by the poet Giambattista…

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  • Comparison Of Feminism In Brothers Grimm's Cinderella And Rapunzel

    “Cinderella” and “Rapunzel” are two of the most popular fairy tales that are being told to children even today. Disney has made their own movie version of Rapunzel called Tangled, which is what I will be using for this paper. In this paper, I will be analyzing the lessons of feminism that are taught by these two fairy tales but are overlooked when we hear them as children. To be feminist is to support the idea “that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social…

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  • The Brothers Grimm's Cinderella

    It is now a known fact that throughout time women have been represented in a sort of negative light. Much of the literature of the past has given women a minimal role. It was not until around the turn of the twentieth century that the role of women has evolved. This is when women characters started becoming more powerful as they were now being seen as the hero. The literary images of women have changed dramatically over centuries to reach where they currently are. One story that can provide a…

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  • Peter And The Starcatchers Movie Vs Book Essay

    Did you know that the Disney movie Peter Pan has a prequel book to the movie? The book Peter and the Starcatchers written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have new and more characters than what the movie has. Alongside Peter, the other main character is a girl named Molly. Mostly every book or story has an antagonist in them well in Peter and the Starcatchers the antagonist is a cruel captain of pirates whose name is Black Stache. You probably heard of The Never Land from the movie but the main…

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  • Carlo Collodi's Adaptation Of Pinocchio

    To most audiences the story of Pinocchio is a lighthearted one, filled with the adventures of a jovial puppet and his cricket conscience with the occasional unnerving scene. Yet this is not the dark and death defying tale that author Carlo Collodi originally wrote in his 1883 novel. As is the case with many Disney adaptations, the original story of Pinocchio has been erased from the public consciousness and replaced by that of the adaption. This erasure is due to the quality of the film and its…

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  • Analysis Of Pan's Labyrinth

    The Darkness and Sorrow of Pan’s Labyrinth Today’s fairytales are often transformed into morality tales to fit our current values and are often stripped of the darkness and sorrow that is surrounding the story. However, this is not a common occurrence and it has been done over years, so that the more gruesome fairytales, with dark, and gruesome scenes, would be more suitable for younger audiences. In “Pan’s Labyrinth” Guillermo Del Toro is able to incorporate those gruesome and darker scenes to…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Fairy Tales

    Fairy tales are a work of fiction and children are fully aware of that. Taking the fairy tales away from the pre-school and kindergarten students would be wrong because it takes away their chance of developing creative minds and becoming creative thinkers. Children have grown up on these stories for age and should continue to grow up on them because the stories teach children life lessons. (Orde) Fairytales can teach children lessons like manors, helping people, and being courageous in a fun and…

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