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  • Argumentative Essay: Do Giants Exist?

    Giants, human creatures that are above 10ft tall, have been believed to exist for centuries. Despite knowledge of science, evolutionary discoveries, and the growing inquisitiveness and curiosity of people in our day compared to other centuries, there are those who believe that Giants existed once in the past. There is increasing advancement in archaeological and more discoveries have been made now than ever before. However, there has been no affirmed evidence that show that extremely tall and gigantic human creatures existed in the past. At present, it is wishful thinking to be certain that Giants existed. According to the scientific approach, it will be wrong to assert that there can never be discoveries in the future that show that Giants existed, but it is implausible. Giant was coined from Gigantes, a Greek word. “Gigantes” were huge very tall human and serpent like, in the greek story were very strong and were only conquered by the efforts of gods and an human. Also, more commonly known are cyclops who are very tall humans with one eye. Cyclops are…

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  • Giant Panda Essay

    The giant panda, also known as panda bear is a bear that is native to south central China. The scientific classification of the giant panda is that it originates from the kingdom: Animalia, phylum: Chordata, class: Mammalia, family: Ursidae, genus: Ailuropoda, and species: A. melanoleuca3. The giant panda has been added to the endangered species list in 2007. Conservation needs to be done by humans to prevent damage to the world that humans have caused. Without conservation, our lives will…

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  • The Evolution Of The Giant Panda

    The national treasure of China, the giant panda, is considered one of the most endangered species in the world. The habitat of the giant panda was significantly affected by the climate change, especially the global warming, which therefore increased the living difficulty of the giant panda. Hence, in order to protect the giant pandas, we need to establish more nature reserves with more understory bamboos. Understory bamboos are not only an important food source for the giant pandas but also a…

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  • Why Is Giant Pandas Endangered

    Giant Pandas in the wild have been torchered by humans, but still they are friendly and majestic animals. They are unique animals but are endangered for many reasons that we can prevent. One reason is they were being tracked down and killed for their fur (WWF). Also, they are being split apart from each other, fragmentation. Next, people have been taking nature from the pandas selfishly (Smithsonian). To save this species many people are now working together to stop Giant Pandas from going…

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  • The Iron Giant Film Analysis

    Title: The Iron Giant Film Origin The Iron Giant originated from the 1968 novel The Iron Man, which was a children’s novel. After going through development stages of becoming a rock album and a musical, Warner Bros. acquired the project to eventually becoming director Brad Bird’s introduction into the animation world. Summary of the film The Iron Giant is a story about a metal machine, The Iron Giant, that crashes off of a shore near the coast of Maine. A young boy, named Hogarth, finds The…

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  • Iron Giant Film Analysis

    the middle of the sea a fisherman is confronted by a giant shadow with two eyes. The Iron Giant by Warner Brothers is first introduced with a computer generated satellite animation. Then as it moves away the Earth is shown drawn in a traditional animation. It is different from the satellite because the clouds move in a way that does not seem mechanical.Like the introduction, the 2D and 3D animation help show character development through different types of maturity. The movie’s animation style…

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  • Why Is Giant Panda Endangered

    Species around the world are either endangered or overcrowded. Animals that are endangered of extinction are in need of special cares. One of the most beloved animals in the world that is endangered is the Giant Panda Bear, the rarest family member of the bear family and China’s unofficial mascot, about 1000-2000 are living in the wild. Giant Panda Bear native habitat is in the mountain forests of southwest China. Giant pandas are identified by their distinctive black and white coloring. Their…

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  • Giant Pandas: The Decline Of The World

    Due to our high demand on resources and things happening around the world animals are going extinct. A Giant Panda happens to be one of those animals. They are black and white. Black on the ears, around the eyes, muzzle, shoulders, and legs, and white everywhere else. Giant Pandas are usually 2 to 3 feet tall and about 6 feet long. There?s an estimated 1600 pandas left. While 300 of those pandas live in zoos, mostly in China. The reason for this decline is that pandas in their natural habitat…

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  • The Giant Panda And Animals In The Bear Family

    For many decades, the Giant Panda taxonomic classification was being debated since the animal shared both characteristics with bears and raccoons. However, molecular studies suggest that Giant Pandas belong in the bear family. The Giant Panda belongs in the Urisdae, although they have a different early history from the main Ursine stock. The closets relative that the Giant Panda has in the family is the Spectacled Bear of South America. Although, the Red Panda has yet to be classified in which…

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  • San Quentin's Giants Analysis

    to score. It requires teamwork and communication. Subsequent to watching the short documentary, San Quentin’s Giants, I showed some of my neighbors the short film and asked them what they thought the overall message was. Most of them said that they thought the factual program was about how convicts at San Quentin State Prison got permission to play baseball because they were getting bored with the activities available. They also thought that the feature was about how baseball was allowed at…

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