Argumentative Essay: Do Giants Exist?

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Giants, human creatures that are above 10ft tall, have been believed to exist for centuries. Despite knowledge of science, evolutionary discoveries, and the growing inquisitiveness and curiosity of people in our day compared to other centuries, there are those who believe that Giants existed once in the past. There is increasing advancement in archaeological and more discoveries have been made now than ever before. However, there has been no affirmed evidence that show that extremely tall and gigantic human creatures existed in the past. At present, it is wishful thinking to be certain that Giants existed. According to the scientific approach, it will be wrong to assert that there can never be discoveries in the future that show that Giants existed, but it is implausible.
Giant was coined from Gigantes, a Greek word. “Gigantes” were huge very tall human and serpent like, in the greek story were very strong and were only conquered by the efforts of gods and an human. Also, more commonly known are cyclops who are very tall humans with one eye. Cyclops are
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The stories are important to the people because it provides a unifying sense of identity since the depictions are unique to that culture. It also promotes national pride, the tour guide in the article states that “people leave believing that it is the ancient home of a mighty giant” ( The tour guide’s claim represents problems in the thought process, specifically, critical thinking. By utilizing scientific methods, there is proven geological explanation for the formation of the “Giant Causeway.” Using the prediction principle, the scientific exposition for its formation is the most acceptable since giant fights are less likely or even impossible given that there is no affirmation that giants ever

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