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  • Argumentative Essay: Do Giants Exist?

    fallen angels and men (answersingenesis). Though the bible does not state the heights of this tribe they are regarded as giants because the translation of Nephilim from Hebrew is ‘giant’ (answersingemesis.com). Also, they were described as “mighty men of old” (answersingenesis.com). The Rephaim are another tribe of giants that is mentioned in the bible. Like the Nephilims, Rephaim is another translated word that means giant or may just be a term referring to a specific group of people(answerisgenesis.com). However, there is more detail about a member of the tribe, Og king of Bashan, whose bed was described to be “nine cubits in length and four cubits width, about 13.5 feet (anwersingenesis). Considering the height of the king’s bed as one premise, and giants are humans over 10 ft tall another premise, the conclusion that King Og is a giant is not valid since the fact that his bed was about 13.5 feet does not certify that Og himself was a giant. Since the Bible is a standard of truth for many people, despite the lack of concrete proof that giants exist, the interpretation of the accounts in the bible supporting their existence serves as a foundation for their belief. The conformation bias makes it easier to fall prey of giant hoaxes. The conviction of a Reverend about the previous existence of Giants led a man named “Hull” to develop one of the most widely believed hoaxes of the 19th century in American History. On October 16, 1869, a 10ft tall “stone” Giant was found near the…

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  • Song Analysis Of Get Down By Og Maco

    Song Analysis of “Get Down” By OG Maco OG Maco is an up and coming hip hop artist. His fame can be accredited to his hit single called “Bitch You guessed it”. Although the song is far outside of the normal realm of music OG Maco creates and produces. A rather interesting song called “Get Down” is the first song in his recently released EP called Breathe. The cover art for the EP is what appears to be a fire, inferably from a riot or protest. In the middle, a dark human figure on is knees holding…

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  • The Apostle Paul: The Greatest Salesman In The World By Og Mandino

    In his best-selling book by the same name, Christian inspirational author Og Mandino calls the Apostle Paul, The Greatest Salesman in the World, a fictional tale that serves as a motivational guide about life and success. Mandino’s subtle message is effective and clear; earthly riches may be achieved, but true success comes from living the Christian principles and seeking personal transformation. Through his own conversion and suffering, Paul became the top Gospel salesman, the broker for…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Yield Management In The Hotel Industry

    place, fasilities and service. Those hotels that compete within the same factors is devided into groups. these groups are called competative set, and it it very important to realistic when choosing your competative set (Tranter, Stuart- Hill og Parker 2009, 61). A way to increase your competition advantage, a SWOT analysis could be a useful tool. A SWOT analysis is an analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, internally and externally. After doing an SWOT analysis of your own hotel,…

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  • Similarities Between Wolves And Dogs

    One night many thousands of years ago, Og and his hunting buddies were sitting around a fire that illuminated a small spot in what must have been a huge, dark, and very scary world. As long as the fire burned, wolves, bears and saber-toothed tigers remained at bay. But Og noticed a small wolf hovering at the edge of the light. He threw a small Mastodon bone at the wolf to scare it off. But to Og's surprise, the wolf picked up the bone and brought it back! Og repeated the toss several times and…

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  • Divakaruni Character Analysis

    caring and friendly mother to Anuradha Roy and as a loving and protective grandmother to endearing Korobi Roy. She manages her life with the impact of morals in religion and values in traditional culture of India. She loves arranging and organizing temple but that makes her nervous due to her over devotional spirit towards it. “She loves the temple, but it also makes her nervous. Too many memories lurk in its sooty alcoves” (OG 6). Sarojini loves Bimal, Anu and Korobi a lot and she consider them…

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  • A Grandfather Living On Mars Analysis

    water and air as possible, it is likely that deep space vehicles will have to employ systems to recycle water and oxygen similar to the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS employs two such systems in preserving a hospitable environment aboard the ship: the Water Recovery System (WRS) and the Oxygen Generation System (OGS) [4]. The purpose of the WRS is to recover water from the urine of the astronauts by employing low pressure vacuum which separates the water from the toxins and condenses…

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  • Do Tv Shows That Promote Teenage Pregnancy

    With the current population being half females, pregnancy is a concern for everybody. The show “Teen Mom” is promoting abstinence because there are a lot of teen mothers that get pregnant and don’t know what they are doing. But if you do decide to have sex, make sure you’re protected. Teen mom 2 and Teen Mom OG are focused on the mothers that were from the show 16 and pregnant. It follows the lives of six teen moms and how their lives have changed since they gave birth. So, the question is, Do…

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  • Rural Area Essay

    villages turn into virtual battlefields particularly at election time. Therefore, the government has introduced Samras Gram Yojana, Paavan Gram and Tirth Gram Yojanas strengthening a culture of consensus and clan solidarity of the village. Government’s Nirmal villages and Sakhi Mandal Yojana help to improve sanitation and financial activities for villagers.  Urban Agglomeration (UA):- An urban agglomeration is a continuous urban spread constituting a town and its adjoining outgrowths (OGs), or…

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  • Importance Of Hierarchal Relation

    hierarchal relation, just like teacher-student, which also is a relation many of my novels deal with, is a fundamental hierarchal relation. In most of novels that are written, and which I assume will continue, most of the novels about father-son will be seen from the son’s perspective, and from the student’s perspective in the hierarchal relation teacher-student. With me it’s the opposite. Therein I reveal a secret: I am a Norwegian author who is not a son under an evil father’s influence, but a…

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