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  • Reflective Essay: My First Semester At Ohio State

    After completing my first semester at Ohio State, I can already tell I am part of something very special. Granted, when I was accepted and when I made my decision to attend, I started to get the feeling that this would be the case. Growing up, I didn’t really think that this would be my case or story, but looking back on it, I am so happy it is. I was born in 1998 in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo as always been the place I call home, and I have spent most of my time in Ohio as well. I know the importance of being from this state. And frankly, I love it. I also love living in Toledo. Mainly because of my old high school, Toledo School for the Arts. When I tell people that some of my greatest memories come from my school, people just laugh and assume…

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  • Mapp V. Ohio Case Study

    In 1960 Ohio police were searching for a suspect they believed had involvement with a resent bombing. While investigating the case, three police officers went to the residence of Dollree Mapp who they had reason to believe was protecting the fugitive or had information of their whereabouts. When the officers arrived at her home they asked Mapp to open the door and let them come in to search her home. She contacted her attorney at the time and he advised her not to let them in without a warrant.…

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  • Mapp V. Ohio Case Analysis

    Ohio allowed the American criminal justice system to realize that there was still a communication problem between federal and state departments of justice. “At the time of the case unlawfully seized evidence was banned from federal courts but not state courts” (Mapp v. Ohio Podcast). When there is a deviation between the two systems, in certain cases, then problems can arise. In this case, a problem arose and the federal judges of the U.S. Supreme Court had a decision to make, in the realm of…

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  • Case Study: Beta Nu Chapter At Ohio State University

    Volunteer and Staff Support Beta Nu Chapter at Ohio State University will receive specialized support and resources to develop a high-functioning chapter that is in alignment with the values of the Fraternity and Ohio State University. A team of staff and volunteer experts has been identified to re-establish Beta Nu Chapter. This team — comprised of members who have expertise in establishing new chapters and working with collegiate women — will work with campus partners to support the chapter.…

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  • The Spread Of Cholera In America

    first ones in Ohio to contract cholera. This disease was more virulent in the cities because these places had poor sanitation systems.…

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  • Essay On Water Advisory

    “23 million pounds of chemicals were dumped into the Ohio river by industries and businesses in 2013”, reported by Jennifer Schack (WLWT News 5 TODAY Weekend Meteorologist). The Ohio River is the main source of water to millions; it borders six states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Since it borders so many states, if a section of the river gets contaminated, the bordering states face the possibility of a water advisory. This was true when my hometown of…

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  • Assignment 1: Planning And Engaging Stakeholders Paper

    Assignment 1: Planning & Engaging Stakeholders My MSWII filed placement is Ohio Guidestone (Central Ohio, 195 N. Grant Ave, Ste. 250, Columbus, Ohio, 43215). Ohio Guidestone is a diverse organization, dedicated to strengthening children, families and communities through behavioral health treatment and skill building services. Matching with NASW values, it provides a 360o support network like Home and Community Based Counseling and Support, Individual Youth Mentoring, Parent Mentoring, Early…

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  • Columbus City School Observation Report

    will also discover the several fun non-school related activities and groups that the children can be involved in. Such activities are the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, the boys scouts and girl scouts, COSI (Center of Science and Industry), and the various concert venues throughout the downtown area. The children have many learning and growing opportunities in the city of Columbus. Keywords: Columbus City Schools, Center of Science and Industry My hometown is right in the middle of…

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  • Buckeye Twirl Research Paper

    Not only did we want to perform well at the competition, but also show people that Ohio State has a real team of baton twirlers. To make this possible, each member needed to contribute to working outside of team practices and keeping each other accountable of our end goal. In addition, it was important for me to overcome the fact that my commitment to practicing was not to perfect my own tricks, but to perfect my contribution for our team to perform well. Being the new member, I was determined…

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  • Mentor Observation

    Do you know what city contains the longest beach in Ohio? It is Mentor, Ohio, containing Headlands Beach that is approximately one mile long. I chose this city because I have lived in the area my entire life and enjoy the many fascinating attractions the city offers to the community. Not only do I appreciate the city but my entire family also lives in Mentor, and I would like to live near them. Although Mentor is a fantastic city, I wonder if problems with the population of Mentor will affect…

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